DLA Maritime at Norfolk 

DLA Maritime at Norfolk consists of two main locations (Norfolk Naval Base and Norfolk Naval Shipyard) in Norfolk, Virginia along with several detachments and a foward operating presence in Bahrain. See map below for locations. 

Officer in Charge: Navy CDR Suquon Combs. 

Deputy Director: Ernie Styron. 

For information about DLA Maritime Norfolk, please contact us at the commercial line: 757-396-8845.


DLA Maritime at Norfolk Naval Shipyard provides logistics support for assigned ships, submarines, and service craft and performs authorized work in connection with conversion, overhaul, repair, alteration, dry docking, and outfitting of ships and craft, as assigned.

We will provide quality logistics and material support services with focus on the unique requirements of our primary customer, Norfolk Naval Shipyard, whose mission is “service to the fleet, any ship, any time, any where.”

Maritime Norfolk Site and Remote Operations

This is a map image showing locations assigned to Norfolk Naval Shipyard, Virginia