DLA Maritime Pearl Harbor

For information on DLA Maritime Pearl Harbor, please contact: DLA Maritime Pearl Harbor or go to the base website for general information.

LCDR Kara Langford, SC, USN
DLA Maritime Pearl Harbor
Office: 808-473-8000 x4203
Cell: 808-208-2515

Mr. Robert Torres
Deputy Director
DLA Maritime Pearl Harbor
Office: 808-473-9563
Cell: 808-286-7339


DLA Maritime Pearl Harbor provides supply support services for the repair, maintenance, and modernization of fleet units. DLA Maritime Pearl Harbor also provides non-nuclear supply support. As directed by higher authority, non-nuclear supply support includes common logistics support services for assigned ships, submarines and service crafts and other production work directed by higher authority. The responsibility of the Commander, DLA Maritime Pearl Harbor, does not extend into the daily operations of any DLA direct support business area.