Additional News Resources

Articles and news items related to DoD and DLA activities, people or events

  • DLA Land and Maritime provides local news and stories.
  • DLA Land and Maritime People and Culture Website provides the applicable tools and resources for you to grow both personally and professionally.  Site information aids associates in becoming mentally, physically, socially and spirituality resilient. It's all about achieving the right work and life balances. This site is where Real People, Real Stories, Real Experiences, Real Opportunities are in REAL time. An organization culture where our people are valued and high performing ... which in essence is the DLA Land and Maritime Way!
  • Defense Travel Management News provides timely travel -related news and updates.
  • DLA Loglines is the authorized publication for the Defense Logistics Agency's workforce of federal civilians, active-duty military and Joint Reserve Force augmentees at agency activities worldwide and industry customers of DLA.
  • DLA Today is the Director's primary daily communication tool. DLA Today, transmits information and news to the DLA community, DLA customers and contractors working for and with DLA. This Intranet site is devoted to the delivery of news and information on people, learning opportunities, events and missions of DLA and its activities. Land and Maritime Way: We provide Warfighter Logistics Excellence through Accountability, Teamwork, Urgency, Agility, and Innovation built upon a Commitment to Integrity, Diversity, and Mutual Trust and Respect. Note that the link is CAC enabled.