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DLA Land and Maritime Hall of Fame

The DLA Land and Maritime Hall of Fame, much like the DLA Hall of Fame, was established to honor and preserve the memory of past associates for their exceptional leadership, service, dedication to duty, and contributions in supporting the DLA mission.

This title is not limited to DLA Land and Maritime, the organization, but includes the entire DLA Columbus family housed on the installation. It also includes former DLA activities such as the Defense Supply Center Columbus, Defense Construction Supply Center, the Defense Electronics Supply Center, and the Defense Depot Columbus Ohio.

Hall of Fame members (by class)

2022: David Anders, Linda Johnson, Anna Pino, Ben Roberts
2021: Jon Bosworth, John Taylor
2020: Renee Carter, Deb Perry, Barb Robertson, Marty Sass, Deb Schultz, Susan VanMeter
2019: Mr. Steve Bianco, Ms. Cathy Fisher-Farlin, Mr. Milton Lewis, Mr. James McClaugherty
2018: Mr. Stephen E. Finney, Mr. Harvey Hodak, Mr. Stephen Rodocker
2017: Ms. Laurie Lipscomb, Mr. Donald Lushbaugh, Ms. Susan McKee, Ms. Donna Shepheard, Ms. Barbara Souders, Ms. Regina Westbrook
2016: Mr. William Breil, Ms. Diane Circle, Ms. Joyce Collins, Ms. Vikki Hawthorne, Ms. Patricia Shields
2015: Mr. Stephen Byus, Mr. Bruce Shively, Mr. Thomas Dascenzo, Ms. Patricia Viers-Leonard, Mr. Raymond Lowe, Mr. Samuel Merritt, Kathryn Willyard
2014: Ms. Marjorie Banks, Mr. Anthony Galluch, Mr. Robert Genton. Mr. Felix Huertas, Ms. Yvonne Mattison-Pardon, Mr. Robert Trivett, Mr. Kenny Youn
2013: Ms. Dorothy Cage-Evans, Mr. James Kreimer, Vice Admiral Alan Thompson, Ms. Sherri Young
2012: Ms. Carol Black, Mr. John Cooper, COL Jonathan House, USA (Ret), Mr. John Shaw, Mr. Robert White.
2011: Mr. Dennis Canterbury, Ms. Cheryle Casey, Dr. Ivan Hall, Mr. Dan Leasure, and former Whitehall, Ohio Mayor, The Honorable John Wolfe
2010: Ms. Ann Bradway, Mr. Michael Corelis, Dr. Forrest Flewellen, and Ms. Mary Ann Skocik
2009: Mr. Ronald Bayless, Mr. David Holderby, and Mr. Steve Stromp
2008: Mr. Emilio Castrillo, Mrs. Valorie Freeman, Mr. James Von Handorf, and Mr. Avie Williams
2007: Mrs. Betty Brewer, Mr. L. Darrell Hill, Mr. Thomas Henthorn, Mrs. Donna Huff, and Major General Mary L. Saunders, USAF (Ret.)
2006: Mr. Arthur Bland, Colonel Joseph “Mike” Dougherty, USA (Ret), Mr. James Gambert, Mr. Donald Napper, Ms. Carmelia Riley, Mr. Terry Rippl, VADM Joseph Stewart, USMM
2005: Ms. Marilyn Barnett, Ms. Pamela Cooper, Major General John Dreska, USA (Ret.), Rear Admiral Ernest Elliot, Supply Corps, Mr. Henry T. Flint, Mr. John Groseclose, Mr. Ken McLain, Mr. Robert Cooper, Mrs. Frances Scranton