DLA Maritime at Mechanicsburg


The mission of the Directorate is to provide full life-cycle contracting expertise and execution for the acquisition of any depot level reparable items assigned for procurement action to the DLA Maritime at Mechanicsburg. This shall include providing business advice and assistance to customers in developing appropriate acquisition strategies, and performing oversight of the full range of planning, execution, and administration of contractual actions to help ensure timely delivery of the required supplies.

DLA Maritime at Mechanicsburg will strive to team with other DLA and Component Contracting Activities to leverage DoD’s buying position, present a unified, single face to industry, and implement improved business processes, with the overall goal being improved support and readiness within the warfighters’ supply chains.

For more information, please contact DLA Maritime at Mechanicsburg Commercial phone: 717-550-3125

Survey says? 100 percent response rate at DLA Maritime Mechanicsburg
Members of the DLA Maritime Mechanicsburg workforce celebrate their achievement of 100 percent participation in the 2018 Denison Culture Climate Survey during an April 24 luncheon and ice cream social.
May 2, 2018 - The Defense Logistics Agency Land and Maritime’s detachment in Mechanicsburg achieved 100 percent participation in the 2018 Denison Survey.

Land and Maritime Commander visits detachments for operational assessment
DLA Land and Maritime Commander Navy Rear Adm. Michelle Skubic (left) discusses the results of blunt force impact testing for helments with DLA Mechanicsburg lab technician Sally Schuster  during a site visit.
May 12, 2017 - Land and Maritime Commander Navy Rear Admiral Michelle Skubic is engaged in a demanding travel schedule that recently included Army and Navy operations in Pennsylvania. While there, Skubic also visited two Land and Maritime detachments for operational orientations to help accelerate her assessment of Land and Maritime operations.