Document Standardization Division

DLA Land and Maritime serves as a Preparing Activity or technical agent for thousands of standardization documents covering a wide variety of electronic components and other items. Our engineers and technicians coordinate and prepare technical documents in 70 Federal Supply Classes, and provide engineering support to DoD customers using these documents.

Electronic commodities covered include passive components, electromechanical components, connectors and sockets, semiconductors, microcircuits, wire and cable, and fiber optics.

Hardware commodities covered include hoses, fittings, vehicle and engine components, pumps, pipe, tubing, and powered and nonpowered valves.

Here you can download electronic copies of specifications, standards, handbooks, drawings, and commercial item descriptions. Today we have over 16,000 files available, including base documents, amendments, notices, etc.

The Document Standardization Division also oversees the Parts Support and Standardization Activity which performs a variety of functions such as Parts Management, Lead Standardization Acitivity, and Item Reduction, intended to support the military services and implement standardization across weapon/non-weapon system platforms. These services include:

The Item Reduction Program mission is to standardize items used throughout the DoD to the highest practical degree, establishing Interchangeability and substitutability of items in the supply system through Item Reduction Studies (IRSs) while providing full coordination with all military and civilian activities.

The Parts Support Management Program helps control the proliferation and variety of parts used in system design, enhance standardization and minimize DMS impacts. Providing Parts Management services and functions to the military services and their contractors including performing Parts Management Advisory Team (PMAT) functions to advise and provide recommendations on parts management plans and processes; and on the selection and use of preferred (i.e. standard and commonly used) parts.

The Standardization Management Program mission is to support DLA Land and Maritime and other DoD activities through standardization, which promotes competition, improves the quality of parts, and helps reduce proliferation in the DoD Supply System. Provides Lead Standardization Activity (LSA) functions for various Federal Supply Classes (FSCs) managed by DLA Land and Maritime in support of the Defense Standardization Program (DSP). This support involves the approval of standardization project numbers in the generation/modification of standardization documents, coordination review of standardization documents and coordination of standardization documents such as Military/Federal specifications and standards, Non-Government Standards (NGSs), and Commercial Item Descriptions (CIDs). We also look for opportunities to standardize items that are procured by the ICP in order to lower cost and reduce cycle time.

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