Field Feeding and Food Service Equipment

Military chef pouring food from a large vesselSubsistence offers a full line of equipment for preparing food in the galley, dining facility and in the field.

Food Service Equipment: beverage dispensers, fryers, meat cutting saws, refrigerators and more.
Field Feeding Equipment: includes end items and parts for:

  • kitchen trailer
  • food sanitation center
  • kitchen company level field feeding
  • modular field kitchen
  • M59A Range Outfit
  • M2 Burner Unit
  • field stoves

For customer support, call 215-737-3113 or DSN 444-3113
For industry support, call 215-737-4514 or DSN 444-4514
For technical support, call 215-737-0339 or DSN 444-0339

Expired FSE Procedures, Contracts, and Pricing Information

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