Operational Rations - Unitized Group Ration, A (UGR - A)

UGR-A Contract Information

Vendor Contract Solicitation
AmeriQual SPM3S1-18-D-Z208
Mods (Available Upon Request)
Amendments (Available Upon Request)
Wornick SPM3S1-18-D-Z207
Mods (Available Upon Request)
Amendments (Available Upon Request)

National Stock Numbers (NSNs) for UGR-A

NSN Description Shelf Life
8970-01-525-6344 Menu 1 Semi-Perishable
8970-01-525-6726 Menu 1 Perishable
8970-01-525-6366 Menu 2 Semi-Perishable
8970-01-525-6729 Menu 2 Perishable
8970-01-525-6370 Menu 3 Semi-Perishable
8970-01-525-6733 Menu 3 Perishable
8970-01-525-6372 Menu 4 Semi-Perishable
8970-01-525-6735 Menu 4 Perishable
8970-01-525-6377 Menu 5 Semi-Perishable
8970-01-525-6739 Menu 5 Perishable
8970-01-525-6389 Menu 6 Semi-Perishable
8970-01-525-6740 Menu 6 Perishable
8970-01-525-6720 Menu 7 Semi-Perishable
8970-01-525-6744 Menu 7 Perishable

NSN Description Shelf Life
8970-01-525-6783 Menu 1 Semi-Perishable
8970-01-525-6813 Menu 1 Perishable
8970-01-525-6785 Menu 2 Semi-Perishable
8970-01-525-6815 Menu 2 Perishable
8970-01-525-6786 Menu 3 Semi-Perishable
8970-01-525-6816 Menu 3 Perishable
8970-01-525-6789 Menu 4 Semi-Perishable
8970-01-525-6817 Menu 4 Perishable
8970-01-525-6790 Menu 5 Semi-Perishable
8970-01-525-6818 Menu 5 Perishable
8970-01-525-6794 Menu 6 Semi-Perishable
8970-01-525-6820 Menu 6 Perishable
8970-01-525-6796 Menu 7 Semi-Perishable
8970-01-525-6823 Menu 7 Perishable
8970-01-525-6803 Menu 8 Semi-Perishable
8970-01-525-6825 Menu 8 Perishable
8970-01-525-6804 Menu 9 Semi-Perishable
8970-01-525-6827 Menu 9 Perishable
8970-01-525-6805 Menu 10 Semi-Perishable
8970-01-525-6830 Menu 10 Perishable
8970-01-525-6806 Menu 11 Semi-Perishable
8970-01-525-6832 Menu 11 Perishable
8970-01-525-6806 Menu 12 Semi-Perishable
8970-01-525-6849 Menu 12 Perishable
8970-01-525-6809 Menu 13 Semi-Perishable
8970-01-525-6852 Menu 13 Perishable
8970-01-525-6810 Menu 14 Semi-Perishable
8970-01-525-6856 Menu 14 Perishable

What is it?

The Unitized Group Ration - A Option (UGR-A) is used to sustain military personnel during worldwide operations that allow organized food service facilities. The UGR-A is designed to maximize the use of commercial items and to simplify the process of providing high quality food service in a field environment. All components for a complete 50-person meal are included in the UGR-A, with the exception of mandatory supplements, such as milk and cold cereal, and optional enhancements like bread and fresh fruit and vegetables. The UGR-A includes perishable/frozen type entrees (A-Rations) along with commercial-type components. Currently there are 7 breakfast and 14 lunch/dinner menus available. There is no minimum ordering quantity required (i.e. orders for single modules are accepted). The UGR-A module is comprised of 3 boxes. One pallet is comprised of 12 modules, which provides 600 meals. The average weight and cube of one UGR-A module is 86.70 lbs and 4.03 cubic feet.

New to the UGR-A program are 7 short-order menus. The short-order menus complement the 14 lunch/dinner UGR-A menus. Short-order menus include: Philly steak hoagies, chicken nuggets, Italian sausage subs, beef enchiladas, chicken wings, pepperoni and cheese stromboli, and hamburgers and hot dogs. Like the regular UGR-A menus, the short-order menus contain all the components for a complete 50-person meal, with the exception of mandatory supplements and optional enhancements. The short-order menus expand the variety and options of meals available to the warfighter.

What's in it?

The UGR-A, in addition to semi-perishable food items, includes perishable/frozen type entrees to provide the luxury of an A-Ration meal in the field. But, it is configured into individual meal modules for ease of ordering, distribution, and preparation. With the exception of mandatory supplements, such as bread, milk and cold cereal, and optional enhancements like fresh fruit, vegetables, and salad, the 7 breakfast, 14 lunch/dinner menus, and the 7 short-order menus contain all food items and disposable items (cups, compartment trays, napkins, utensils, and trash bags) necessary to feed 50 individuals. Each menu, including mandatory supplements, provides an average of 1450 kilocalories (14% protein, 32% fat, and 54% carbohydrates) per serving. Cooking preparation sheets are included with each module. If customers are in need of preparation sheets prior to receipt of product, please contact the inventory manager listed below.

How long will it last?

UGR-A and short-order modules shall have at least 9 months shelf life (at 80 degrees F for semi-perishable modules and at 0 degrees F for perishable modules) remaining for OCONUS deliveries. UGR-A and short-order modules shall have at least 3 month shelf life (at 80 degrees F for semi-perishable modules and at 0 degrees F for perishable modules) remaining for CONUS deliveries.

How can I order it?

Each UGR-A and short-order meal module have two National Stock Numbers (NSNs) - one for the semi-perishable portion and one for the perishable portion. Requisitions are processed according to the supply procedures for each Military Service. Point of contact is at (215) 737-6187, DSN: 444-6187.

We can only sell Operational Rations (MREs, UGRs, etc) to the U.S. Military Services and other authorized federally-funded agencies. We can not sell to the private sector (individual, business, or other organizations). For further information, please read our Customer Eligibility Policy.


The UGR-A and short-order option is a build to order Direct Vendor Delivery (DVD), operation that requires a minimum of 8 day order-ship-time CONUS, 35 days for Hawaii and Alaska. All other OCONUS customers' leadtime is 60-90 days.

Ordering lead-time

CONUS - 7 to 10 BUSINESS days
Hawaii & Alaska - 45-60 days
OCONUS - 60 to 90 days

Associated Documents/Menus

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