Meal, Religious, Kosher for Passover

What is it?

The purpose of this ration is to feed those individuals in the Military Service who maintain a Kosher for Passover diet by providing three meals per day for not more than eight days during their observance of Passover. Like the Meal, Ready-to-Eat (MRE), it is a totally self-contained meal combined in one single flexible meal bag.

What's in it?

Each case of 12 meals contains 4 different menus (4 chicken, 4 beef stew, 2 salmon, and 2 gefilte fish). The program is intended to provide 2 cases per person or 24 meals for 8 days of Passover Each meal bag consists of an entree, complementary food items, and accessory items (i.e., salt, sugar,spoon, matches, toilet tissue, moist towelette, and Flameless Ration Heater, as applicable). Additionally, each case has a box of Matzo crackers and a feedback survey. The entire food contents of each meal are certified Kosher for Passover.

The contents of one meal bag shall provide a minimum of 1200 calories. The complete contents of each meal bag, supplemented w/ Matzo crackers packed separately in the case, provides sufficient nutrition to adequately sustain a moderately active, healthy individual for one meal and contains the following minimum nutritional requirements: fat 29-42%, protein 9-13%, and carbohydrate not less than 48%.

How do I eat it?

With the exception of beverages, all food components are ready-to-eat (no preparation required). Entree may be warmed using a flameless ration heater as applicable by menu.

How long will it last?

The minimum shelf life is 9 months at 80 degrees F from the time components are assembled into the meal packet. The contractor shall ship the Kosher for Passover meal with no less than 9 months shelf life remaining.

How can I order it?

The National Stock Number is 8970-01-524-8003. The unit of issure is BX. Point of contact is at (215) 737-5648, DSN: 444-5648.

We can only sell Operational Rations (MREs, UGRs, etc) to the U.S. Military Services and other authorized federally-funded agencies. We can not sell to the private sector (individual, business, or other organizations). For further information, please read our Customer Eligibility Policy.


The availability of this meal is limited to the months leading up to the Passover holiday time frame and requirements/pre-orders submitted by the Services. Menus are to be supplemented with ~1 ounce of Matzo Crackers to meet minimum nutritional requirements per day.

The Menus

Meal, Religious, Kosher for Passover