Quality Assurance Publications

The table below contains Quality Assurance Regulations, Manuals, Handbooks, Directives, & Instructions applicable to Subsistence.

For questions regarding inspection of Operational Rations (short shelf-life, expired, disposal, etc), please e-mail: Army Public Health Center Food Protection Program Operational Rations

Number Title Date
Mil Std 904 Detection, Identification, and Prevention of Pest Infestation of Subsistence See Assist
4155.2 Handbook Inspection of Composite Operational Rations Nov 2010
Appendix A Inspection of Meal, Ready-to-Eat (MRE) Rations Nov 2010
Appendix B Inspection of Unitized Group Ration (UGR) Heat and Serve (H & S) modules Nov 2010
Appendix C Inspection of Meal, Cold Weather/Food Packet, Long Range Patrol (MCW/LRP) Nov 2010
Appendix E Inspection of Food Packet, Survival Aircraft, Liferaft Nov 2010
Appendix F Inspection of Food Packet, Survival, Abandon Ship Nov 2010
Appendix G Inspection of Food Packet, Survival, General Purpose - Improved Nov 2010
Appendix H Inspection of Humanitarian Daily Rations (HDRs) Nov 2010
Appendix J Inspection of Unitized Group Ration (UGR) B Nov 2010
Appendix L Inspection of First Strike Rations (FSR) Dec 2010
Appendix N Food Packet, Modular Operational Ration Enhancement (MORE) Nov 2016
4155.6 M DLA Troop Support Forward Aug 2011
4155.6 M Index Tables of Contents (Numerical) Aug 2011
4155.6 M Index of Topics Oct 2011
UHT Milk Inspection & Shelf-Life Guidance Aug 2011
UGR-A Unitized Group Rations (UGR) A, Inspection Documents  

Subsection of DLA Troop Support Manual 4155.6

Number Title Date
101.1 DLA Troop Support Subsistence Manual Inspection Manual Aug 2011
101.2 Key Personnel Roster Sep 2011
102.1 Value Engineering Jun 2007

DLA Troop Support Form 3587
Plan for the Inspection Job Aug 2011
202.1 Formation of Lots Aug 2011
203.1 Application of Sampling Plans based on an average requirement Aug 2011

Enclosure 2
Comparability Procedures for Attributes Reinspection of Unworked Lots Aug 2011
206.1 Production Testing Contracts Aug 2011

Enclosure 1
Enclosure 2, 3, 4
Enclosure 5
Testing General Information (Enclosures 1-5) Oct 2011
207.3 Contractor Testing Sep 2011
207.4 Certificate of Conformance Sep 2011
207.8 Packaging, Packing, Labeling Unitization and Marking (PPLU & M) Sep 2011
207.10 Selecting Receipt and Testing of Samples for Evidence Sep 2011
209.1 Nonconformances Reporting Sep 2011
212.5 Suspected Fraud and Criminal Conduct Sep 2011
212.6 Suspected Violations of FDA, USDA & USDC Regulations and Reporting Rejections to FDA, USDA, and USDC Sep 2011
213.1 Reports DD Form 1714, Product Verification Record Sep 2011
213.2 DD Form 1237, Report of Inspection of Shell Eggs Sep 2011


DD Forms 250 & 250c, Material Inspection & Receiving Reports (MIRRs)

Instructions: Instructions for completing DD Form 250. February 2002.

Sep 2011
216.2 Quality History Records, DPSC Form 4275, Report of Sampling Inspection (Attributes) Oct 2005
218.1 Destination Inspection Jul 1986
218.2 Entomological Laboratory Identification Services Nov 2011

Enclosure 1
Enclosure 2
Destination Verification Inspection of Standard/Variable Net Weight Items Oct 2011

Enclosure 1
Destination Inspection of Shell Eggs (Enclosure 1) Oct 2011
225.1 Contractor Inspection General Information Oct 2011
225.2 Contractor's Inspection Quality System Evaluation Jan 2015
225.3 Inspection Procedures for Ration Assembly Operations Jun 1988
225.6 Evaluation of Contractor's Calibration System Jun 1986
231.1 Inspection Costs Reporting Additional Inspecion Costs Jan 1987
235.1 Inspection of Carrier's Equipment at Supply Points and Receiving Installation Jul 1990

DLA Troop Support Manuals & Regulations

Number Title Date
4155.7 M Perishable Subsistence in Storage Quality Control and Inspection Jul 1996
4155.15 M Subsistence Causes and Prevention of Damage to Canned Foods July 2010
4155.18 M Subsistence Sampling Plans Jun 1984
4155.20 M Determining Temperature of Chilled and Frozen Products Jun 2011
4155.21 R Export Certification for Fresh Fruit and Vegetables Dec 1988
4155.26 R Audit of Subsistence and Nonprescription Drug Recalls Feb 2012
4155.27 M Subsistence Sanitary Inspection of Establishments and Preaward Plant Survey Jul 1986
4155.29 M Subsistence Inspection Assignment Feb 1987
4155.37 M Subsistence Value Engineering Program Feb 1996
4155.41 M Nonconforming Subsistence Supplies Dec 1983

DLA Troop Support Instructions

Number Title Date
4145.31 Integrated Stored Products Pest Management Oct. 2017

DLA Directives & Instructions

Number Title Date
3221 I Veterinary Medical Oversight and Inspections of Subsistence Supplies and Services Nov 2018
4155.2 D Quality Assurance Program for DLA ICPs Oct 1997
4155.2 I Quality Assurance Program Instructions for DLA ICPs Feb 1999
4155.7 D Quality Assurance Technical Development Program for DLA ICPs Aug 1996
4155.7 I DLA ICP Quality Assurance Technical Development Program Course Catalog Aug 1996

DLA Publications

Number Title Date
4145.12 Joint Service Manual For Storage and Materials Handling (Subsistence Portion Only) Apr 1994
4145.12SL Revised Shelf-Life Table Feb 2002

DLA Regulations

Number Title Date
4155.26 Audit of Subsistence and Nonprescription Drug Recalls Feb 2012

DoD Directives

Number Title Date
6400.4 DoD Directive Publication - "DoD Veterinary Public and Animal Health Services" DTIC

DoD Publications

Number Title Date
MIL-STD-3006 Sanitation Requirements for Food Establishments ASSIST
MIL-HDBK-3006 Guidelines for Auditing Food Establishments ASSIST
4140.27 Shelf-Life Item Management Manual DTIC

MEDCOM Regulations

Number Title Date
40-28 US Army Veterinary Command Policies & Procedures Feb 2006
40-13 US Army Veterinary Command Guidelines & Procedures Feb 2006

Operational Rations Inspection Procedures

IP Number Inspection Procedure Revision Number Date
  Table of Contents   01-MAR-13
1 Preparation of Inspection Procedures   01-MAR-13
2 Quality Assurance Terms, Definitions, and References   01-MAR-13
3 Intentionally Left Blank    
4 Meals, Ready-to-Eat (MRE) Procurement/Origin/In-Plant Verification Inspection   01-MAR-13
5 Meals, Ready-to-Eat (MRE) Inspection   01-MAR-13
6 MRE Inspection Database   01-MAR-13
7 Tailored Operational Training Meal (TOTM) Inspection   01-MAR-13
8 Kosher/Halal Meals (Religious Meals) Inspection   01-MAR-13
9 Meal Alternative Regionally Customized (MARC) Inspection   01-MAR-13
10 Kosher for Passover Meal (Religious Meals) Inspection   01-MAR-13
11 First Strike Ration (FSR) Procurement/Origin/In-Plant Verification Inspection   01-MAR-13
12 First Strike Ration (FSR) Inspection   01-MAR-13
13 Intentionally Left Blank    
14 UGR-A Procurement/Origin/In-Plant Verification Inspection 7 03-MAR-11
15 UGR-A Receipt/Destination Inspection   01-MAR-13
16 UGR-A Surveillance Inspection 12 03-MAR-11
17 UGR-A Inspection Database 5 03-MAR-11
18 Depot Assembly Operations 3 03-MAR-11
19 UGR H&S Inspection 5 03-MAR-11
20 UGR H&S/UGR-B/UGR-E Inspection Database   01-MAR-13
21 Arctic Supplement to the UGR Inspection   01-MAR-13
22 UGR-B Inspection   01-MAR-13
23 Intentionally Left Blank    
24 UGR-E Inspection   01-MAR-13
25 Survival Food Packet - General Purpose, Improved Procurement Verification Inspection   01-MAR-13
26 Survival Food Packet - General Purpose, Improved Inspection   01-MAR-13
27 Survival Food Packet - Abandon Ship Procurement Verification Inspection   01-MAR-13
28 Survival Food Packet - Abandon Ship Inspection   01-MAR-13
29 Survival Food Packet - Aircraft/Life Raft Procurement Verification Inspection 3 03-MAR-11
30 Survival Food Packet - Aircraft/LifeRaft Inspection 4 03-MAR-11
31 Health and Comfort Pack Procurement Inspection 4 03-MAR-11
32 Health and Comfort Pack Inspection 3 03-MAR-11
33 Intentionally Left Blank    
  Table of Defects for UGR-A Origin and Receipt Inspection    

Quality Assurance Forms

Number Title Date
SF 364

Report of Discrepancy

*NOTE: The link to the left leads to the DLA WebSDR application for filing discrepancy reports. Users require a Common Access Card to enter and will be prompted to register with WebSDR if not already registered as a user. 

Feb 2005
DA Form 7538 Subsistence Serviceability Certificate Feb 2005
DA Form 7539 Request For Veterinary Laboratory Testing & Food Sample Record Feb 2005
MEDCOM Form Quality Assurance Representative's Correspondence Mar 2010
DD Form 250 Material Inspection And Receiving Report Aug 2000
DD Form 3587 Plan For The Inspection Job Jan 2002
DLA Troop Support Form 5117 Report of Inspection on Operational Rations May 2019
DLA Troop Support Form 2651 Subsistence Government Furnished Property Correspondence Sep 2008

VETCOM Policy Memorandums

Number Title Date
MCVS-FA Listing of Pasteurized Fruit Juice Facilities in the United States Jan 2003
DALO-SPT Rescind Memorandum, Over-Aged Operational Ration Extension Policy for Army Owned Rations Aug 2018
DHA VS Rescission of DODVSA Policy B-009, 13 March 2013, US Army Veterinary Services Implementation Instructions for Department of the Army Operational Rations (OPRATS) Shelf Life Extension Policy Oct 2018

Visual Aids

Number Title Date
125 A Visual Aids for the Inspection of Metal Containers Jan 1996