Appendix B - Inspection of Unitized Group Ration (UGR), Heat & Serve (H & S) Modules

Appendix B Documents

Visual Aids for Inspection of Metal Containers

Provides guidance on evaluating illustrations of defects applicable to the examination of the exterior condition of filled metal food containers under the United States Standards for Condition of Containers.

Document Description
Foreward Visual Aids for Inspection of Metal Containers
Table IV Metal Containers
Table XI Labeling, Marking, or Code
Photo 1 Incomplete Closure
Photo 2 Incomplete Closure
Photo 3 Dirty, Stained, or Smeared
Photo 4 Dirty, Stained, or Smeared
Photo 5 Dirty, Stained, or Smeared
Photo 6 Dirty, Stained, or Smeared
Photo 7 Dirty, Stained, or Smeared
Photo 8 Outside Tinplate or Coating (When Required)
Photo 9 Outside Tinplate or Coating (When Required)
Photo 10 Outside Tinplate or Coating (When Required)
Photo 11 Outside Tinplate or Coating (When Required)
Photo 12 Outside Tinplate or Coating (When Required)
Photo 13 Rust
Photo 14 Rust
Photo 15 Rust
Photo 16 Rust
Photo 17 Dent
Photo 18 Dent
Photo 19 Dent
Photo 20 Dent
Photo 21 Dent
Photo 22 Dent
Photo 23 Dent
Photo 24 Dent
Photo 25 Dent
Photo 26 Dent
Photo 27 Dent
Photo 28 Dent
Photo 29 Dent
Photo 30 Dent
Photo 31 Dent
Photo 32 Dent
Photo 33 Dent
Photo 34 Buckle
Photo 35 Buckle
Photo 36 Buckle
Photo 37 Paneled Side
Photo 38 Paneled Side
Photo 39 Cable Cut
Photo 40 Leaker
Photo 41 Leaker
Photo 42 Labeling, Marking, or Code
Photo 43 Labeling, Marking, or Code
Photo 44 Labeling, Marking, or Code
Photo 45 Labeling, Marking, or Code

Appendix B Monographs

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  • E97: Cranberry Pomegranate
  • AAA: Half Tray Double Seam Can
  • 1A1: Creamed Gravy w/ Ground Beef
  • 1A2: Beef Patties in Broth
  • 1A3: Beef Stew
  • 1A4: Beef Strips w/Green Peppers and Gravy
  • 1A5: Chili Con Carne
  • 1A6: Corned Beef Hash
  • 1A7: Ham Slices in Brine
  • 1A8: Lasagna w/Meat Sauce
  • 1A9: Omelet w/Bacon Pieces and Cheese
  • 1A10: Burgundy Beef Stew
  • 1A11: Chicken in a Szechwan style sauce
  • 1A12: Seasoned Au Jus Flavored Sauce with Beef Steaks
  • 1A13: Beef and Potatoes in Cream Gravy
  • 1A14: Cuban Style Garlic Sauce with Beef Strips
  • 1A15: Taco Filling with Beef
  • 1A16: Beef Roasted with Gravy
  • 1A17: Beef Fajita Filling

  • 1B1: Omelet w/Ham
  • 1B2: Omelet w/Sausage and Potatoes
  • 1B3: Omelet, Western Style
  • 1B4: Pork Sausage Links in Brine
  • 1B5: Spaghetti w/Meatballs in Sauce
  • 1B6: Turkey Slices w/Gravy
  • 1B7: Chicken Breast in Gravy
  • 1B71: Buffalo Style Chicken Breasts in Sauce
  • 1B72: Cajun Style Chicken Breast Dices with Andouille Chicken Sausage in Sauce
  • 1B8: Chicken Chow Mein
  • 1B9: Ham w/Spice Sauce
  • 1B10: Hoppin' John (Seasoned Black Eye Peas)

  • 1C1: Meatballs in Brown Gravy
  • 1C1A: Brown Gravy w/Meatballs and Pasta
  • 1C2: Pork Ribs, Boneless, in BBQ Sauce
  • 1C3: Chicken w/Veg in Teriyaki Sauce
  • 1C4: Chili w/Beans
  • 1C4A: Vegetarian Chili
  • 1C4B: Southwestern Style Chicken Chili
  • 1C5: Beef Chunks w/Noodles in Sauce
  • 1C6: Pork Sausage in Gravy
  • 1C7: Pork and Beans
  • 1C8: Scrambled Eggs
  • 1C9: Waffles - Plain
  • 1C10: Turkey Tetrazzini

  • 1D1: Waffles - Blueberry
  • 1D2: Waffles - Apple/Cinnamon
  • 1D3: Canadian Bacon
  • 1D4: Pasta and Italian Sausage Links in Tomato Sauce
  • 1D5: Potatoes w/ Bacon Pieces in Sauce
  • 1D6: Sweet Potato Casserole
  • 1D7: Hash brown potatoes w/ bacon, peppers, and onions

  • 1A1A: Country Captain Chicken
  • 1A1B: Eggs w/ Beef and Potato
  • 1A1C: Eggs w/ Turkey Sausage and Potato
  • 1A1C1: Egg Mix, Reduced Cholesterol, Pasteurized, Uncooked, Dehydrated, Packaged in a Boil-In-Bag (BIB)
  • 1A1D: Pork Tamales
  • 1A1E: Vegetable Lasagna
  • 1A1F: Chicken w/ Dumplings
  • 1A1G: Turkey Sausage Links in Brine
  • 1A1G2: Turkey Sausage Patties in Brine
  • 1A1H: Buffalo Chicken in Spicy Sauce
  • 1A1I: Chicken Breast in Lemon Pepper Sauce
  • 1A1J: Sweet and Sour Pork
  • 1A1K: Pasta with Ground Hot Italian Sausage
  • 1A1L: Pork Sausage in Cream Gravy
  • 1A1M: Spaghetti Pizza Bake
  • 1A1N: Cheesy Ham and Potatoes
  • 1A1O: Macaroni and Cheese
  • 1A1P: Chicken Stir Fry
  • 2A1: Applesauce, Semisolid
  • 2A2: Fruit Cocktail w/Syrup
  • 2A3: Peaches, Quarters or Halves w/Syrup
  • 2A4: Pears, Bartlett, Halves w/Syrup
  • 2A5: Potatoes, Diced in Butter Sauce
  • 2A6: Potatoes, Sweet Glazed
  • 2A7: Red Beans w/Rice and Bacon
  • 2A8: Mashed Potatoes w/Brown Gravy
  • 2A9: Applesauce

  • 2B1: Beans, Green
  • 2B2: Corn, Whole Kernel
  • 2B3: Mashed White Potatoes, Dehydrated
  • 2B4: Peas
  • 2B5: Vegetables, Mixed
  • 2B6: Peas and Carrots
  • 2B7: Pineapple, Sweetened, Chunks
  • 2B8: Pineapple, Sweetened, Slices
  • 2B9: Tropical Fruit Salad
  • 3A1: Apple Coffee Cake
  • 3A2: Apple Dessert
  • 3A3: Blueberry Dessert
  • 3A4: Cake, Blueberry
  • 3A5: Cake, Chocolate Brownie
  • 3A6: Cake, Marble
  • 3A7: Cake, Pound
  • 3A8: Cake, Spice
  • 3A9: Cherry Dessert
  • 3A10: Walnut Tea Cake
  • 3A11: Raspberry Swirls with Icing
  • 3A12: Chocolate Brownie with M & Ms
  • 3A13: Cinnamon Scones
  • 3A14: Lemon Crunch Cake
  • 3A15: Devil's Fudge Cake w/ White Icing
  • 3A16: Dulce de Leche Cake w/ White Icing
  • 3A17: Spice Cake w/ White Icing
  • 3A18: Cookies, White Chocolate Chip, with Cranberries, Regular, Crisp
  • 3A19: Oatmeal Cookies, Chocolate Chip, Regular, Crisp
  • 3A20: Blueberry Breakfast Cake with Maple Flavored Syrup
  • 3A21: Red Velvet Cake with White Icing
  • 3A22: Banana Nut Cake with White Icing
  • 3A23: Golden Harvest Cake with White Icing
  • 3A24: Vanilla Cake with Strawberry Fruit Topping
  • 3A25: Chocolate Cherry Cake with Cherry Fruit Topping
  • 3A26: Yellow Cake with Chocolate Icing
  • 3A27: Cranberry Orange with White Icing
  • 3A28: Sweet Potato Walnut Cake with White Icing
  • 3A29: Gingerbread Cake with White Icing

  • 3B1: Chocolate Pudding
  • 3B2: Cake, Choc w/Van Crumb Topping
  • 3B3: Cake, Coffee w/Cin Crumb Topping
  • 3B4: Cake, Marble w/Toffee Crumb
  • 3B5: Cake, Spice w/Van Crumb
  • 3B6: Devil's Fudge w/Coconut Crumb
  • 3B7: Yellow Cake w/Choc Crumb
  • 3B8: Bun, Hamburger, Shelf Stable
  • 3B9: Butterscotch Pudding, Canned

  • 3C1: Vanilla Pudding, Canned
  • 3C2: Regular Soft and Chewy Coconut Macaroons Choc Chip
  • 3C3: Regular Crisp Choc Chip Cookies Choc Chunks w/pb chips
  • 3C4: Cookies, White Chocolate Chip (regular, chunk, or mini chips), with Cranberries
  • 3C5: Cookies, Oatmeal Chocolate Chip, Regular, Crisp
  • 3D1: Pastry, Filled, Individual (Blueberry)
  • 4A1: Apple Jelly
  • 4A2: Cheese Spread
  • 4A3: Grape Jelly
  • 4A4: Maple Syrup
  • 4A5: Peanut Butter
  • 4A6: Cranberry Sauce
  • 4A7: Peanut Butter and Jelly Twin Pack
  • 4A8: Jam, Fruit, Strawberry
  • 5A1: Oatmeal, Apple/Cinnamon
  • 5A2: Oatmeal, Maple/Brown Sugar
  • 5A3: Oatmeal, Strawberry/Cream
  • 5A4: Rice, White
  • 5A5: Rice, Oriental Style
  • 5A6: Stuffing, Shelf Stable, Cooked
  • 5A7: Hominy Grits, Enriched, White
  • 5A7A: Hominy Grits, Enriched, White, Instant, Unflavored, Boil-in-Bag (BIB)
  • 5A8: Instant Oatmeal, Unflavored
  • 5A9: Stove Top Stuffing Mix
  • 5A10: Cornbread and Sausage Stuffing
  • 5A11: Brown Rice
  • 5A12: Brown & Wild Rice Pilaf
  • 6A1: Cherry Beverage Base
  • 6A2: Cocoa Beverage Base
  • 6A3: Grape Beverage Base
  • 6A4: Grape Juice, Instant
  • 6A5: Orange Beverage Base
  • 6A6: Orange Juice, Instant
  • 6A7: Lemon Beverage Base
  • 6A8: Lemon-Lime Beverage Base
  • 6A9: Beverage Base, Pink Lemonade

  • 6B1: Beverage Base, Iced Tea w/ Lemon
  • 6B2: Drink Mixes, Coffee Flavored, instant, Cappuccino, Regular, Irish Cream
  • 6B3: Drink Mixes, Coffee Flavored, instant, Cappuccino, Regular, Mocha
  • 6B4: Drink Mixes, Coffee Flavored, instant, Cappuccino, Regular, French Vanilla
  • 7A1: Catsup
  • 7A2: Hot Pepper Sauce
  • 7A3: Mustard, Prepared
  • 7A4: Relish, Pickle, Sweet
  • 7A51: Cream Substitute
  • 7A6: Sugar
  • 7A7: Salt
  • 7A8: Coffee, Instant
  • 7A9: Coffee, Instant, Freeze Dried

  • 7B1: Soup, Dehy, Chicken/Noodle
  • 7B2: Soup, Instant, Chicken/Noodle
  • 7B3: Candy, Coated, Chocolate Disks
  • 7B4: Coffee, Roasted, Ground
  • 7B5: Salsa/Picante Sauce, Mild, 20 oz.
  • 7B6: Soy Sauce
  • 7B7: Tea Bag, Black w/ Tags and Strings
  • 7B8: Coffee, Flavored, Instant
  • 7B9: Salsa, Mild