Appendix N - Food Packet, Modular Operational Ration Enhancement (MORE)

Appendix N Documents

Appendix N Monographs

* Denotes that the Monograph is provisional and will be replaced once updated.

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  • M4A1: Toaster Pastry
  • M4A1P*: Toaster Pastry
  • M4A12P*: Chocolate Pudding, Caffeinated
  • M4M4: Corn Kernels, Plain
  • M4MP*: Cracker
  • M5L: Applesauce
  • M5OP*: Cranberries
  • M6N: Baked Snack Cracker, Hot & Spicy Cheese
  • M7D2P*: Bev Base, Type II, Grape
  • M7EP*: Bev Base, Type II, Lemon Lime
  • M7FP*: Bev Base, Type II, Orange
  • M7JP*: Bev Base, Type II, Tropical Punch
  • M10AP*: Beef Snack Smoked
  • M10Q: Filled Pretzel Cheddar
  • M10TP*: Smoked Almonds