Appendix H - Inspection of Humanitarian Daily Rations (HDRs)

Appendix H Documents

Appendix H Monographs

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  • KA1: HDR General Packaging
  • KB1: Beans and Rice in Tomato Sauce
  • KB2: Beans with Potatoes
  • KB3: Lentil Stew
  • KB4: Red Beans and Rice
  • KB5: Pasta with Tomato Sauce
  • KB6: Peas in Tomato Sauce
  • KB7: Rice and Vegetables in Sauce
  • KB8: Herb Rice
  • KB9: Seasoned Yellow Rice
  • KB10: Vegetable Barley Stew
  • KB11: Brown and Wild Rice with Lentils
  • KB12: Bean Salad
  • KB13: Rice with Beans
  • KB14: Lentils and Vegetables
  • KC1: Crackers
  • KC2: Fruit Pastry
  • KC3: Fig Bar
  • KC4: Fruit Bar, Apple
  • KC5: Shortbread
  • KC6: Vegetable Crackers
  • KC7: Shortbread Cookie(s)
  • KC8: Snack Bread, Fortified
  • KE1: Peanut Butter
  • KE2: Strawberry Jam
  • KF1: Black Pepper
  • KF2: Crushed Red Pepper
  • KF3: Salt
  • KF4: Sugar