Prime Vendor Food Audit Program


The program serves as a means for DLA Troop Support and the Service Headquarters to ensure the quality of the items provided to the War Fighters and other DLA Troop Support customers are at an optimum quality level throughout DLA Troop Support regions. DLA Troop Support Quality Assurance personnel conduct this service with the assistance of representatives from the United States Department of Agriculture AMS Meat, Poultry, Fruit and Vegetable Programs and representatives from the United States Department of Commerce, National Marine Fisheries Service.

These audits are conducted at the Prime Vendor facilities with the customer, service HQ, PV Suppliers, prime vendor staff and DLA Troop Support regional managers / Contacting Officers and/or Account Managers in attendance. Together these representatives form the partnering team that provides our customers with the right item at the right quality level at the right price for the right application.

Prime Vendor Food Audit POC: 215-737-4259