Health & Comfort Pack (HCP)

What is it?

The Health and Comfort Packs (HCP) are designed to provide a means for forward area troops to acquire the everyday non-food necessities that are required for their health and comfort when the exchange system or local stores are not available to them. The contents listed here are the components that were procured on the last contract. Based upon field surveys, changes may be made in future procurements. If changes are made, they are usually in size of component or due to popularity of a new item, but the basic list of items generally remains the same. There are three types of HCP's, Type I, II and III. Type I- 58 lbs and 3.3 cube (12 cases/pallet), Type II- 18 lbs and 1.9 cube (16 cases/pallet) , and Type III- 22 lbs and 2.2 cube (16 cases/pallet).

What's in it?

Type I contains components which are suitable for both males and females. The intent is to supply 10 persons for 30 days. The individual components listed in the Table for Health and Comfort Pack Type I shall be placed in the quantities specified into an individual, interlocking closure (zip), opaque polyethylene bag to form individual component packs (e.g., 10 toothbrushes in one bag; 10 tubes of toothpaste in one bag; 10 dental floss in one bag; etc.) The polyethylene shall have a minimum thickness of 3 mil and dimensions sufficient to contain the components.  

Type II is intended to supply 10 females for 30 days.

Type III is a washcloth-sized personal hygiene body wipe. The contents are intended for use by 10 individuals (male or female).

How long will it last?

The shelf life remaining for all components at the time of assembly is two years at 50 to 72 F.

How can I order it?

The NSN for Type I (male and female), Health and Comfort Pack, is 8970-01-368-9154. The NSN for Type II (female), Health and Comfort Pack, is 8970-01-368-9155. The NSN for Type III (male and female), Health and Comfort Pack, is 8970-01-487-7488. Point of contact is at (215) 737-5648, DSN: 444-5648.

We can only sell Operational Rations (MREs, UGRs, etc) to the U.S. Military Services and other authorized federally-funded agencies. We can not sell to the private sector (individual, business, or other organizations). For further information, please click here and read our Customer Eligibility Policy towards the bottom of the page.


The HCP is not a regularly stocked item by DLA Troop Support. It is purchased for special requirements on an individual basis. Contact the above POC for more information.

Type I
Component Items
Toothbrush Toothpaste  Dental Floss Razor, Shaving & Shaving Gel
Body Wash Foot Powder Tissues Shampoo
Deodorant Plastic Bag Lip Balm Body Wipes
Lotion, Sunblock Toilet Paper  Eye Drops, Lubricating Eye Drops, Allergy
Supplemental or Replacement Items
Detergent, Laundry    
Type II
Component Items
Napkins, Sanitary, Regular Napkins, Sanitary, Super Tampons, Regular Tampons, Super
Panty Shields Disposal Bag/Pouch Ponytail Holders Hair Brush
Comb, Plastic Bobby Pins Cleansing Wipes  Female Urinary Device
Type III
Component Items
Body Wipes