Meal, Religious, Kosher/Halal

What is it?

The Meal, Religious, Ready-To-Eat, Kosher or Halal is utilized to feed those individuals in the Military Service who maintain a strict religious diet. Each meal consists of one Kosher or Halal certified entree and religiously certified/acceptable complementary items sufficient to provide the recommended daily nutritional requirements. Each case of Religious Meals contains twelve meals with entrees and component/accessory items.

What's in it?

Each meal contains an entree plus a variety of components. In addition, an accessory packet with condiments/seasonings, utensils, flameless ration heater, and napkin is included with the meal. Each menu provides a minimum of 1200 Calories (11-13% protein, not more than 35% fat, and not less than 48% carbohydrate).

How do I eat it?

Except for the beverages, the entire meal is ready to eat. While the entree may be eaten cold when operationally necessary, it can also be heated in a variety of ways, including immersion in hot water while still sealed in its individual entree package. A flameless ration heater has also been packed into each meal bag to heat the entree.

How long will it last?

24 month shelf life from date of production.

How can I order it?

The NSN for the Kosher Ration is 8970-01-424-1996 and for the Halal Ration is 8970-01-424-1998. Requisitions are processed according to the supply procedures for each Military Service. Point of contact is at (215) 737-5648, DSN: 444-5648 We can only sell Operational Rations (MREs, UGRs, etc) to the U.S. Military Services and other authorized federally-funded agencies. We cannot sell to the private sector (individual, business, or other organizations). For further information, please click here and read our Customer Eligibility Policy towards the bottom of the page.


Ordering lead-time:
CONUS East Coast- 7-10 business days
CONUS Central - 14 business days
CONUS West Coast- 21 business days

Hawaii & Alaska- 45-60 days

OCONUS- 90 to 120 days

The Menus

Kosher Halal
Tuscany Beef w/Cannellini Beans Lamb & Vegetable Barley Stew
Hickory Smoked Beef in Brown Rice with Lentils & Vegetables Vegetable & Lamb Jalfrazi
Jalapeno Curry Beef w/Potatoes Beef Roast & Vegetables
Chicken & Rice Beef Stew
Spicy Southwest Chicken in Rice w/Vegetables Lamb & Lentil Stew
Pasta Marinara Lentils Dal Marsala
Chicken Noodle SAAG Chole w/Lamb
Spicy Vegetarian Chili Chicken & Vegetables
Chicken Royale w/Brown Rice Chicken Pesto
Classic Chicken Curry w/Basmati Rice, Lentils & Vegetables Chicken Stew
New Orleans Gumbo w/Chicken Penne Pasta
Smoked Beef Paprikash Noodles & Vegetables Rattouille

*Menus are subject to change