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DLA Philadelphia aims to reach star status for its Voluntary Protection Program.

VPP is an Occupational Safety and Health Administration program. And earning the VPP star would signify excellence in safety and health management at DLA Philadelphia.

To help achieve star status, a VPP awareness campaign is underway so that employees can become more aware of the Safety and Occupational Health program at DLA Philadelphia. As employees do become more aware, they can earn stars for their teams and eventually their directorates to demonstrate progress toward being able to earn the VPP Star from OSHA.

How the campaign works

  • There will be a safety topic per month during the five month campaign to coordinate with the five points of a star.
  • Information about each safety topic will be emailed to the workforce and published on DLA Today and this web page.
  • Once supervisors know that all the employees on their team are familiar with the topic, that team earns a star for that topic.

For example, when all employees in a branch prove their awareness of a safety topic to their supervisor, that supervisor grants the branch a star. When all branches within a division have their star, the division gets a star. And the same goes all the way up to the directorate level, organization and then DLA Philadelphia.

  • Star charts and stars will be delivered to each directorate.

VPP Campaign topics

 For more information, contact:

  • DLA Philadelphia Safety Office

    (215) 737-2566 or email dscpsafety@dla.mil