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The PTC Analytical lab can be contacted via email at or by phone at (215) 737-3241

Product Test Center (PTC) Analytical

The Product Test Center Analytical at DLA Troop Support tests materials in the harshest conditions to ensure their performance in the field. The PTC Analytical lab staff set boots on fire. They evaluate the shades of camouflage uniforms under various lighting. They conduct blunt impact tests on helmets. They assure the quality of materials and determine whether products conform to required specifications. While 98 percent of the materials tested are items that DLA Troop Support acquires for the warfighter and other customers, PTC Analytical also does testing for Wildland Firefighters, the Defense Criminal Investigative Service and other agencies. The lab is staffed by chemists, textile technologists, equipment specialists, management analysts, quality assurance specialists and supervisor scientists.

PTC Analytical is one of three DLA Product Test Centers. PTC Electronics and PTC Mechanical are located with DLA Land and Maritime in Columbus, Ohio.

Test Performed by PTC Analytical

  • Textiles Testing - complete testing for chemical and physical properties of textile end items and components
  • Environmental Testing - quantitative and qualitative analysis of finishes, material identification and pH testing
  • Metallurgical Testing - dimensional and microscopic surface measurements utilizing instrumentation such as coordinate measuring machines, optical comparator and metallograph, complete wet chemical and instrumental analysis of alloys
  • Reagent/Chemical Testing - shelf-life testing of chemicals and routine analysis of compounds and reagents for purity
  • Color Science Evaluations- instrumental and visual color evaluations
  • Optical Testing - measurement of optical properties
  • IFF/NIR Testing - force protection testing   
  • Other Testing - includes leather, paper, rubber, plastics and more

Shade EvaluationShade Room

The Product Test Center Analytical ensures the consistency of color in uniforms and other materials through visual and instrumental evaluation.

Shade Resources

Instrument Values for Standards and Tolerances