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Organic Manufacturing

The Organic Manufacturing (OM) Office at DLA Aviation utilizes the OM process as a supplemental tool to the spares procurement process. The decision to use an in-house or ‘organic’ source of supply may be based on high costs for low quantity purchases, long production lead-times by private industry, diminishing manufacturing sources and material shortages (DMSMS), or a lack of bids from private industry.

The OM Office assists the Procuring Agency in establishing relationships with defense manufacturers, assesses expertise, confirms quality assurance and technical protocols for public manufacturing organizations and oversees project order implementation.

The main functions of the OM Office at DLA Aviation include:

  • Coordinate with organic manufacturing sites;
  • Authenticate and validate part information;
  • Follow-up on request for quotes and project orders;
  • Serve as the central POC for all communications to track projects;
  • Maintain a listing of OM sites, POCs and their capabilities;
  • Maintain database of DLA Aviation NSNs manufactured organically;
  • Promote the process within DLA Aviation and organic sites; and,
  • Work with DLA HQ to develop and update OM policy for DLA Aviation and DoD.

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