Forging & Casting


DLA's Forgings and Castings Program is managed by the Aviation Forging & Casting Assistance Team (AFCAT), a collaboration with the American Metalcasting Consortium (AMC) and the Forging Defense Manufacturing Consortium (FDMC).  AFCAT provides wide ranging services to DLA Aviation, DLA vendors and our Service customers.


You may send us a Casting or Forging assistance request by clicking on our new Assistance Request form button below.


► First time users must first register through AMPS 

                    Engineering Assistance Request Form                  

Casting and Forging Services include:

•  Locating tooling
•  Providing assistance to Aviation Specialists
•  Identifying foundry & forging sources
•  Interpreting Contract Drawings – Specifications
•  Requests for ESA clarification of a technical nature
•  Assisting foundries and forges
•  Reducing procurement lead time on out-of-productions items
•  Offering Technical Information Transfer Seminars in Richmond
•  Holding Engineering Seminars at Service Engineer Venues

For contractor training sponsored by Headquarters DLA may please contact AMC or FDMC directly.