Forgings & Castings



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DLA’s Forgings and Castings Program is managed by the Aviation Forging & Casting Assistance Team (AFCAT).

AFCAT provides problem resolution services to DLA Aviation, DLA contractors and our Service customers through collaboration with the American Metalcasting Consortium (AMC) and the Forging Defense Manufacturing Consortium (FDMC).

Services include:

•  Identifying foundry & forging sources via the Assistance Request Form; 
  Assistance in locating tooling required to produce castings or forgings; and,
•  Providing technical assistance to producers of castings or forgings.

In addition, the team conducts training in the basics of forging and casting procurement and processes including site visits to forges and foundries for DLA employees and ESA engineers about two to three times a year.  These are normally technical forums but they may also be tailored to suit the needs of the audience.  If interested,

•  Contact AFCAT for information on when we will be at your location or at other DoD facilities; and,
•  Contractors may contact AMC or FDMC directly for training opportunities sponsored by DLA HQ.