Locating Tooling

Tooling includes forging dies, casting patterns and molds, and machining and inspection fixtures.  When tooling is not available, interested vendors should plan on manufacturing it during contract performance.  This may result in extended lead time or increased costs.

Once contractors have reviewed the technical data package and identified the part number of casting or forging, you should conduct a search for tooling:

Contractors Bidding on a DLA or DoD solicitations can have a search performed through  Defense Tooling Locator-castings. Upon arriving at the ICON homepage, click on the Defense Tooling Locator tab on the top horizontal navigation bar to the far right of 'Home'.

In addition, AFCAT encourages foundries interested in castings to explore and/or register onto the Integrated Casting Order Network (ICON) website
which combines a casting tooling database with other data sources to simplify the procurement process.

Contractors with a subscription to Haystack Gold should use the National Forging Tooling Database included in their subscription. There you may conduct a search using the Haystack program. Alternatively, you may request forging tooling data through a FDMC request form.