Finance Process Review Committee (PRC)

The Finance PRC is the forum through which the DoD Components and other participating organizations may participate in the development, expansion, improvement, maintenance, and administration of billing and adjustment procedures for DoD logistics. It also includes the Interfund Billing System and other financial requirements for the Military Standard Billing System (MILSBILLS). The Chairman, Finance PRC, in coordination with other Finance PRC members, is responsible for the contents of the MILSBILLS, DLMS manual (Volume 4), and Defense Logistics Manual 4000.25. Refer to volume 1, chapter 1, for a discussion of general DLMS PRC functions and responsibilities..

PRC Meetings:

PRC meetings usually occur on an annual basis throughout each year. Access to the PRC list.


Finance Training Session


Date: November 7, 2018
Time: 8:30am – 16:00pm EST
Agenda/Briefings: November 7, 2018
Meet Me Line: Dial In Number: See Outlook Invite for details
Location: NCR participants welcome to attend in person at DLA HQ, Conference Room 3301

More previous meeting minutes are on the archive page.


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