Employee Assistance Program (EAP)

About the EAP

The Employee Assistance Program is a structured approach for helping employees and their families identify and resolve personal problems and concerns that may affect job performance. These problems and concerns may include emotional and psychiatric problems, alcohol and other drug related problems, marriage and family problems, financial and legal problems, interpersonal conflicts at work, stress, vocational issues—almost any personal concern.

Employee assistance professionals are specially trained and experienced at listening, asking the right questions, gathering the correct information, and helping you decide the best course of action to take to resolve the issue or difficulty you face.

Employee Assistance is available to all associates and their families.

A simple telephone call 614-692-2000 or E-mail to Drew Henderson is all it takes. EAP services are free and confidential.

Problems and Concerns Addressed by the EAP

Life Management Issues

Marital and couples conflicts, sexual and intimacy issues, parenting skills, social and relationship issues, financial issues (credit problems, debt collections, loss of income, budgeting, and conflict over money); legal problems; fear and anxiety over medical conditions; eldercare issues and caregiver stress; loss of a loved one and bereavement/grief issues; Landlord-tenant issues, homelessness or threatened homelessness; personal relationship and peer conflicts, domestic/partner abuse, and victimization.

Emotional and Mental Health Issues

Depression, anxiety, medication management issues for psychiatric conditions, eating disorders and compulsive eating, social issues and relationship problems, adult child parent relationship issues, and parenting concerns over teenagers.

Alcohol and Drug Related Problems

Alcohol-related problems, drug-use problems and drug addiction, family members affected by the drug or alcohol use of another family member, relapse issues or maintaining or reestablishing an abstinence program and/or program of recovery from addiction and codependency, teenage substance abuse.

Violence in the Workplace/Abuse

There's NO Excuse for Abuse!

This site offers Federal Government Employees and their dependents a place to find assistance if they are a victim, or know of a victim, of workplace violence or domestic abuse.  Ignoring a situation does not make it go away; instead, it usually results in an escalation of the problem.

Have you witnessed an incident of abuse or workplace violence? View Workplace Harassment Prevention and Response Policy  and notify your supervisor.

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