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The Equal Employment Opportunity Office is dedicated to preserving the concept of equal opportunity in all terms, conditions and benefits of employment.  Every customer is regularly made aware that we are available to actively listen to their concerns, offer advice when prudent and following up with action, when appropriate.

The mission of our entire staff is to provide comprehensive EEO, Special Emphasis Programs, Disability and Diversity Programs of the highest quality and to serve both management and each employee with sensitivity, concern, and understanding.

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Heritage and Diversity News

DLA Land and Maritime celebrates the 246th Birthday of the U.S. Marine Corps
DLA Land and Maritime Commander Navy Rear Adm. Kristen Fabry, DSCC Installation Site Director Daniel Bell and Land and Maritime Land Supply Chain Analyst Kyle Stein during the cake ceremony at the 246th Marine Corps Birthday event at the DLA Land and Maritime Operations Center Auditorium Nov. 10. Bell passes a cupcake to Stein. The passing of the cake from the oldest to the youngest Marine symbolizes the passing of history and tradition to the next generation and symbolizes the experience and youthful spirit that are the hallmarks of the Corps.
Nov. 16, 2021 - On the eve of Veterans Day, members of the Defense Logistics Agency Land and Maritime workforce paused to commemorate the U.S. Marine Corps’ 246th Birthday in a hybrid event at the Operations Center Nov. 10.

Commentary: Sacred water vital to Crow Tribe’s way of life
U.S. Army Reserve Soldiers conducted innovative readiness training at the Fork Belknap Indian Reservation, in the mountainous state of Montana, providing medical support to the local community hospital and clinics.
Nov. 12, 2021 - The Native American/Alaskan Native Employment Program continues its series celebrating Native American culture with an inside look into the spiritual role of water. The committee selected the Crow Tribe’s relationship with water as the focus of their third piece illuminating rituals, spiritual teachings and the connection to earth. Through the perspective of the Apsáalooke, also known as the Crow Tribe, water is both a critical resource in human survival and Native American spiritual traditions.

Commentary: Beauty, Balance and Harmony in Native American traditions
In November, we recognize Native Americans and Alaskan Natives prominent accomplishments and contributions to our country.
Nov. 4, 2021 - The 2021 theme for Native American/Alaskan Native Heritage Month emphasizes the rich traditions that form the foundations of social development combined with spirituality as the life blood of a life of resilience. This narrative represents one in a series of articles celebrating Native American culture.

Grounded in Tradition…Resilient in Spirit: Celebrating Native American/Alaskan Native Heritage Month
In November, we recognize Native Americans and Alaskan Natives prominent accomplishments and contributions to our country. The National American Indian Heritage Month observance has its roots in Public Law 99-471. Over several years the observance was moved to different months but in 1990 Public Law 101-343 set the monthlong observance in November. Please note that the title of this observance varies between agencies. The Department of Defense’s Defense Equal Opportunity Management Institute uses the title set forth in the Public Laws, and that title is used at the beginning of this article to signify the DOD-wide observance. By Presidential Proclamation, the month is also observed as National Native American Heritage Month. In 1924, Congress enacted the Indian Citizenship Act extending citizenship to all U.S.-born American Indians not already covered by treaty or other federal agreements that granted such status. The act was later amended to include Alaska Natives, and as such, the month is also recognized as Native American/Alaskan Native Heritage Month. 
Oct. 29, 2021 - In November, we recognize Native Americans and Alaskan Natives prominent accomplishments and contributions to our country during National American Indian Heritage Month observances. Due to the pandemic, we will celebrate Native American Heritage Month by sharing informative articles in the DLA and DFAS daily bulletins and websites.

Hispanic Heritage Month Spotlight: Waleska Rodriguez Diaz
Waleska Rodriguez Diaz is a Defense Logistics Agency Land and Maritime associate.
Oct. 7, 2021 - Defense Logistics Agency Land and Maritime Associate Waleska Rodriguez Diaz talks about her career beginnings in Puerto Rico and the lessons her family instilled in her that continue to push her forward.