Equal Employment Opportunity Office

The Equal Employment Opportunity Office is dedicated to preserving the concept of equal opportunity in all terms, conditions and benefits of employment.  Every customer is regularly made aware that we are available to actively listen to their concerns, offer advice when prudent and following up with action, when appropriate.

The mission of our entire staff is to provide comprehensive EEO, Special Emphasis Programs, Disability and Diversity Programs of the highest quality and to serve both management and each employee with sensitivity, concern, and understanding.

EEO Employment and Disability Plans and Procedures


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Heritage and Diversity News
National American Indian Heritage Month Employee Spotlight: Shawn Cody
Shawn Cody is the deputy director for Maritime Supplier Operations at Defense Logistics Agency Land and Maritime. Cody is also the executive champion of the organization's Native American Indian Heritage Program.
Nov. 23, 2020 - The Defense Logistics Agency Land and Maritime recognizes National American Indian Heritage Month each November. We are highlighting employees of American Indian heritage throughout the month in honor of their enduring contributions to the agency’s global mission of logistics support to America’s warfighters.

Marine Corps celebrates 245th birthday in Columbus
U. S. Marine Corps Capt. Kyle Huston, Maj. Jeff Cisek and Lt. Col. Joshua Sperling stand at attention, while awaiting the arrival of the Defense Logistics Agency Land and Maritime official party during the 245th Marine Corps birthday celebration at Defense Supply Center Columbus on Nov. 10.
Nov. 17, 2020 - The Marine Corps celebrated 245 years of service to the nation during a birthday celebration at the Defense Supply Center Columbus Nov. 10.

Where to watch 2020 Veterans Day virtual tributes
November 11 is set aside each year to honor our nation's veterans.
Nov. 10, 2020 - Several local and national organizations will pivot from traditional Veterans Day festivities in light of the current health emergency and offer virtual opportunities to honor our nation’s veterans. Below is a snapshot of locally and nationally scheduled events.

Flag Precedence: Why the Marine Corps is senior to the Navy
The Joint Service color guard post the colors.
Nov. 9, 2020 - Anyone who has attended a military event or sat in a briefing where the Service flags are displayed should know that the order of precedence goes from left to right. The National Ensign followed by the Army, Marine Corps, Navy…wait. What? The Marine Corps is senior to the Navy in order of precedence even though it is an underling to the Department of the Navy? Is it because we can do more pull-ups? Run farther? Carry more weight? Have better looking uniforms? No. It’s a little debatable but seems to stem from a litany of historical events.

Honoring their sacrifice: Marine Corps turns 245
Rabbi Roland Gittelsohn, far right, conducting the first Jewish service for members of the 5th Marine Division on the island of Iwo Jima in 1945.
Nov. 9, 2020 - This year we celebrate the 245th Birthday of our Corps. On Feb 23, 2020 we commemorated the 75th Anniversary of the Battle of Iwo Jima and the raising of our flag on Mount Suribachi. Iwo was a bloody, 36-day long chapter in the World War II Pacific saga as our brothers fought and died for control of the tiny atoll.