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 EEO Pre-Complaint Intake Form


                                                                  EQUAL EMPLOYMENT OPPERTUNITY IS THE LAW 

And a vital and fundamental right of every individual. Any employee, former employee, or applicant of DLA Land and Maritime who believe they have been subjected to discrimination because of race, color, sex (to include sexual harassment, pregnancy, transgender, sexual orientation and gender identity), disability (mental or physical), genetic information, age (must be 40 or older), national origin, religion, and reprisal may file an EEO complaint.

EEO regulations prohibit discrimination on any of these bases, as well as reprisal of any kind for engaging in activities protected by the civil rights statutes or prior EEO activities. 

                                                                         HOW DO I FILE AN EEO COMPLAINT?

Although reports of discrimination may be made to managers and supervisors, complaints of discrimination must be filed with the DLA Land and Maritime Office of Equal Employment and Diversity (EEO). Complaints can be filed:

                                                                In person at the DLA Land and Maritime EEO Office
                                                                               By telephone at (614) 692-2577
                                                                                  By fax at (614) 692-4797, OR
                                                            By email at

Additionally, any staff member of the DLA Land and Maritime EEO Office can also receive EEO Complaints.


                                                         WHAT ARE MY TIME LIMITS FOR FILING AN EEO COMPLAINT?

Allegations of discrimination must be presented within 45 calendar days of the alleged discriminatory act, event, or the effective date of an alleged discriminatory personnel action. Pre-Complaint Counseling must occur before an individual can file a formal complaint. Failure to contact an EEO Official concerning an allegation of discrimination may result in the dismissal of a Formal Complaint of Discrimination.


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