Six Essential Elements of a Model EEO Program

Element 1: Demonstrated Commitment from Agency Leadership
Policy Statements, Resources,  Access, Special Emphasis Program Presence

Element 2: Integration of EEO into the Agency’s Strategic Mission
DLA Strategic Plan Workforce Development, Hispanic, Women, People w/Disabilities & Senior Leadership positions

Element 3: Management and Program Accountability
EEOC MD 715 Annual Report (Barrier Analysis-Action Plans), AOP (Statistical) Review, Denison Survey

Element 4: Proactive Prevention
Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR), No FEAR training, Special Emphasis Programs

Element 5: Efficiency
DLA iComplaints, EEOC 462 Report, HR & EEO  Collaboration, In Process Reviews (IPRs), DD & DK biweekly EEO update

Element 6: Responsiveness and Legal Compliance
Track and Report EEOC Compliance orders, Counsel, HR & EEO weekly collaboration