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European immigration theme of annual observance
Elizabeth Plummer, outreach reference archivist for the Ohio History Connection, spoke to associates during Defense Supply Center Columbus’ European American Special Emphasis Program. Program officials presented Plummer with a token of appreciation at the conclusion of the event. Pictured left to right, EASEP chair Matthew Elliott, Plummer, Defense Logistics Agency Land and Maritime Chief of Staff Griff Warren, DLA Land and Maritime Equal Employment Opportunity Office Director Charles Palmer, Defense Finance and Accounting Service Columbus’ EAP Champion Ryan Carlson and DLA Land and Maritime EAP Champion Ed Wingo.
May 10, 2018 - Associates learned about Central Ohio’s role in European immigration during the Defense Logistics Agency Land and Maritime’s European American Heritage Month program April 25.

DSCC celebrates multicultural workforce at diversity and inclusion event
Michael Branch (left) and Linda Thomas perform during the Diversity and Inclusion Talent Showcase Aug. 2 at Defense Supply Center Columbus. The showcase was part of the installation’s celebration of the diversity of its federal workforce.
Aug. 7, 2017 - A day of cultural performances, singing, food and competition marked the annual Defense Supply Center Columbus Diversity and Inclusion Event.

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The Equal Employment Opportunity European American Program recognizes the unique prospective and cultural footprint both past and present left by European migrant peoples within DLA Land and Maritime Columbus.   The program celebrates diversity as well as emphasizes the impact of language, culture, history, and current events of Europe through enriching conversation, enjoying various foods, and working to educate and benefit the workforce.


 The purpose of the EEO European American Program is to bring to the forefront the rich heritage and diversity within all 51 European Countries. Embracing the vast history, cultural differences, and artistic contributions to the world as a whole, as well as locally in our own communities.


Local policy within DLA Land and Maritime


Exhibit the best and brightest of what each European Country has to offer.


  • Promote diversity and inclusiveness in the workplace
  • Educate the workforce on the many contributions of individuals of European descent
  • Create an opportunity for career growth and advancement
  • Facilitate mutual respect for all