The Land Customer Operations Directorate enhances demand planning and customer and weapon systems account management while also serving as Defense Logistics Agency's forward presence at select customer locations.

DCO Land Division is divided up into four divisions: Operating Forces, Industrial Support, Land Readiness, and Weapon System Support.

Liaison Center (QLC)

Line up of combat vehiclesServes as the single point of entry to provide support for mission essential DLA managed parts impacting South West Asia operational readiness. Maintains collaborative partnership with AMC Commands to rapidly research procurement and delivery of mission critical parts in support of the warfighter.  Maintains visibility on readiness of deployed forces and works toward resolving critical supply problems which impact material readiness of the Armed Forces. This organization has been established to serve as a single point of entry for all critical issues impacting readiness of our deployed services.

Our Mission:

The Land Readiness Room interfaces with the Customer Account Specialists and Weapon Systems Program Managers to enhance customer readiness for specified areas of interest. Support provided consists of expediting order fulfillment and procurements for land base weapon systems across all services.

LRR Weapons System Assignments


The Land Readiness Room has assigned specific associates to had multiple weapon systems. System assignments are subject to periodic change. For help with determining which associate that can help you with your weapon system DSN 850-5253.

Contact Systems

LRR Team Supervisor - CW4 Joseph Scarpill
DSN 850-8418

Land Liaison Lead - Doris Smith
DSN 850-5253

Liaison Projects
Special Projects
LRTF 5K (USMC) B2566
Fire Truck (USMC) D1064

Tim Nourse

TRAM (USMC) B0063, B2567
USMC TRLRs D0002, D0215, D0235

HET Tractor/Trailer
Vehicle Sweeper B2127
M915-M917, M920

Skip Brice
DSN 850-2699
Loader/MLT, BHL B2483, B0040
RTCH B0391, B0392
Crane / ATC B0038, B0446
Dozer B0060, B2460, B2462, B2464
Compactor B1785
Scraper B1922
Graders B0078, B1082
Robert Cline
DSN 850-9237
Chris Banning
DSN 850-1070
Joe Ryczek
DSN 850-2557

MRAP Industrial
2ID Far East Region (Korea)
FPll Cougar
MA TV D0036
Mine Roller B0058

Readiness Project Lead
Buffalo B5001, B0035
Route Clearance

Michael Thompson
DSN 850-6633

4K Forklift
6K Forklift
10K Forklift
M88A2 E1378
M-1/ABV B0160, E1888
All Howitzers E0665, E0671

M9 ACE B0589

Land Weapons Systems Division (QLR)

  • Responsible for monitoring and enhancing both weapon systems readiness and service to military customers.
  • Work closely with Program manager's and ILSC's to address system wide support issues for DLA supported weapon systems.
  • Life Cycle responsibilities - Maintain system specific DLA supply metrics Advocates investment and acquisition strategies.
  • Develops proactive weapon system support initiatives.
  • Provides weapon system support to depot programs.
  • Participates with the military service in preparing integrated logistics support plans and in material readiness reviews to determine effectiveness of DLA support to weapon systems.
  • Provides information, such as supply availability about weapon system items managed by DLA, to Weapons System Program Managers.

Picture of Combat VehiclesStaffed by: Weapon System Support Manager (WSSM)

  • Work closely with Program Manager's and ILSC's to address system-wide support issues for DLA supported weapon systems
  • Life Cycle responsibilities - Maintains system specific DLA supply metrics
  • Advocates investment and acquisition strategies
  • Develops proactive weapon system support initiatives
  • Provides weapon system support to depot programs

Weapons Systems Support Division Priorities

Engage: Land weapons systems Program Management Offices (Army and USMC) to maintain situational awareness of current and future program requirements, OPTEMPO, and changes in fleet densities and prioritization.

Sustainment: Resolve unique and systemic supply chain issues resulting in order fulfillment in order to maintain high levels of readiness for all weapons systems while contributing to a reduction or elimination of backorders.

Materiel Availability: Continually ensure the supply health for all weapons systems and guard resources to ensure Warfighter readiness at a best value to the government.

Assist Force Shaping: Assist the services in weapons program transitions to ensure that the supply chain is postured to meet their requirements.

Forward Presence: Through CSRs positioned with Army Life Cycle Management Commands who “solve, train, and assist”.

Optimize the Team: Ensure associates are highly trained, and that our policies, processes, and procedures are focused on effectiveness to the customer and efficiency for the agency.

Platform Supported

  • M1A1
  • Stryker
  • Paladin
  • Maxxpro
  • MATV
  • Bradley
  • Patriot

Marine Corp

  • AAV
  • LAV
  • MRAP
  • M88A2
  • M9 ACE
  • LVSR
  • Small Arms


36A - M1 Abrams Tank
M1 Abrams is the main battle tank for the United States and many Allied Forces.

M3A - MaxxPro MRAP
The International MaxxPro MRAP (Mine Resistant Ambush Protected) vehicle is to endure improvised explosive device (IED) attacks and ambushes.

M3A - MaxxPro MRAP

The HMMWV is the primary light transport and service support vehicle for all branches of the U.S. Military and certain Federal agencies.

80A - HMMWV   

39A - Patriot Missile 
The Patriot provides Advanced Air defense capability on a theater basis.

Patriot Missile

The FMTV is the Army's family of medium tactical trucks.


28A - M88
The M88 is a fully tracked Armor Vehicle developed for towing, winching, and hoisting operations supporting battlefield recovery operations and evacuation of heavy tanks and other tracked vehicles.

28A - M88

IOM Cougar 
With proven combat survivability, the advanced ballistic and blast-protected vehicle can seat 10 passengers. The vehicle can perform a number of tasks such as Command and Control, EOD, Patrol, Convoy Support, Forward Observation, Reconnaissance, Med-Evac and more.

IOM Cougar

The ASV provides crew protection, lethality and mobility to the U.S. Army's Military Police worldwide.


VMM - LAV - Light Armored Vehicle 
Combines speed, maneuverability and firepower to perform a variety of functions, including security, command and control, reconnaissance and assault.

VMM - LAV - Light Armored Vehicle

KMA - Stryker 
Is a family of eight-wheeled armored fighting vehicles derived from the LAV. The vehicle comes in several variants with a common engine, transmission, hydraulics, wheels, tires, differentials and transfer case.

KMA - Stryker

Land Operating Forces Division (QLA)

  • Provides DLA Forward Presence and execution at operational sites to include Customer Support Representatives and Customer Logistics Site Specialists.
  • Provides Customer Account Specialist support to Operating Forces DoDAACs; ensuring order processing accuracy/timeliness and prompt response to Supply Assistance Requests.
  • Develops and adjusts demand plans to anticipate and meet operational customer requirements.
  • Conducts customer site visits and coordinates training. Collects and evaluates statistical data and actionable intelligence in order to anticipate customer needs.

Our Mission:

Using Order Fulfillment expertise, Customer Relationship Management and Forward Presence Footprint, provide direct logistics support to operational land service units and federal agencies by resolving unique and systemic requisition issues within the DLA supply chain.

Staffed by: Customer Account Specialists

Customer facing point of contact in the Customer Service Management (CSM) Cell.

Review requisitions and take actions necessary to minimize or eliminate delays in meeting customer requirements.

Customers are CONUS, OCONUS, and forward deployed

  • Expedite open Purchase Request (PR) or Purchase Order (PO) delinquent deliveries
  • Provide shipping information
  • Research requisition processing issues

Flow chart of Land and Maritimes Operating Forces Organization


The Operating Forces (QLA) divisions or DCO Land has three branchs: Forward Execution, CONUS Support, and OCONUS and Contingency Support.

Top 5 Priorities of the Land Operating Forces Division

The Operating Forces division has 5 Top Priorities.. The Priorities are: Support Land operational Forces' "close fight" abroad and at home through aggressive management of CRM, Workflow, and direct customer interface, Support retrograde, reset, reconstitution, and realignment efforts within the Army and Marine Corps in a fiscally restrained environment, Aggressively pursue the validation and resolution or cancellation of aged backorders so that effort can be focused on the close fight, serve to the advantage of operational units world wide through CSRs who "solve, train, and educate, Ensure associates are highly trained and policies focused on effectiveness to the customer and efficiency for the agency.

Forward Presence Locations l Industrial Site Support Teams

Forward Execution

Primary Focus Areas: Solve, Train, Advise

Solve unique and systemic supply chain issues through causative research and collaboration resulting in order fulfillment.

Train the individual customer logisticians on the use of logistics information technologies so they can solve their own supply chain problems, positively contributing to unit readiness.

Advise unit commanders and staffs on the DLA enterprise so they can leverage our capabilities in support of their plans, policies, training, and operations.

Staffed by: Customer Support Representative (CSR) and Customer Logistics Site Specialist(CLSS)


  • Executes forward presence
  • DLA’s “eyes & ears forward” with the Customer
  • Non-transactional


  • Executes forward presence
  • DLA’s “eyes & ears forward” with the Customer
  • Perform CAS & DP functions/credit card capability
  • Transactional

Operational Forces and LOG HQ CSR Locations

The CONUS map shows all the locations where DLA associates are co-located with their customers. The locations are identified as either Land Operating Forces or Land Log Headquarters.


Joint Base Lewis McChord I MEF - Camp Pendleton LetterKenny (LEAD) ASC-RIA Ft Carson Ft Riley MCLB Barstow AMCOM Ft Hood Ft Bliss Red River Ft Drum TACOM-Warren x 2 Ft Campbell Anniston Tobyhanna CECOM x1 CSR- Ft Bragg II MEF - Camp LeJeune Ft Stewart MCLB Albany/LogCom Image Map

The CONUS map shows all the locations where DLA associates are co-located with their customers. The locations are identified as either Land Operating Forces or Land Log Headquarters.

253-967-7458 DSN: 357-7498
760-763-2379 DSN: 361-2379
717-267-8892 DSN: 570-8892
309-782-5970 DSN: 793-5970
719-526-5483 DSN: 691-5483
785-239-4446 DSN: 856-4446
760-577-7645 DSN: 282-7645
256-876-2965 DSN: 746-2965
254-287-0399 DSN: 737-0399
915-744-5020 DSN: 621-5020
903-334-4498 DSN: 829-4498
315-772-9656 DSN: 772-9656
586-574-6392 DSN: 786-6392
270-798-6927 DSN: 635-6927
256-235-5160 DSN: 571-5160
570-895-6651 DSN: 795-6651
732-532-5060 DSN: 992-5060
910-396-9904 DSN: 236-9904
910-451-0136 DSN: 751-0136
912-767-4782 DSN: 870-4782
229-639-6898 DSN: 567-6898

 Industrial Site Support Teams

May of USA with LOGCOM/USMC and AMC/Army Locations

Forward Presence Locations

  • Letterkenny with Tactical missile; ground support equipment
  • Sierra with supply Depot Operations; Demil Storage; and Water Purification
  • Marine Corps Logistics Base Barstow with Wheeled Vehicles
  • Corpus Christi with Helicopters
  • Red River with Bradley and MLRS; Tactical and Combat Vehicles; and Reset Track and Road Wheeled
  • Anniston with Combat Vehicles; small Arms Artillery
  • Marine Corps Logistics Base Albany with Wheeled Vehicles and Track Vehicles

Points of Contact
Defense Supply Center Columbus
ATTN: DLA Land and Maritime-QL
3990 East Broad Street
Columbus, OH 43218-3990

Land Customer Operations Director (MIL 06):
E-mail -
Phone - DSN 850-3569 or COMM 614-692-3569
FAX - DSN 850-3796 or COMM 614-692-3796 

Land Customer Operations Deputy Director (GS-15):
E-mail -
Phone - DSN 850-7600 or COMM 614-692-7600

Land Operating Forces Division:
E-mail -
Phone - DSN 850-4702 or COMM 614-692-4702
FAX - DSN 850-3796 or COMM 614-692-3796 

Land Planning and Industrial Division:
E-mail -
Phone - DSN 850-7364 or COMM 614-692-7364
FAX - DSN 850-3796 or COMM 614-692-3796

Land Weapons System Division:
E-mail -
Phone - DSN 850-3544 or COMM 614-692-3544
FAX - DSN 850-3796 or COMM 614-692-3796

Land Readiness Room/Land Liaison Division:
E-mail -
Phone - DSN 850-6557 or COMM 614-692-6577
FAX - DSN 850-3796 or COMM 614-692-3796

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