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From foxhole to factory, DLA Land and Maritime is DLA’s single provider for land materials. We support you with demand planning for repair parts, requisition support and more. Our customer service representatives are located around the world to ensure you have the readiness you need to accomplish your mission.

Our Vision

To improve and strengthen communication with DLA customers by providing information to resolve logistics support deficiencies and improve Readiness throughout the Department of Defense.

Our Mission Statement

The Land Directorate of Customer Operations (DCO) exists to ensure on time, on-target readiness support of land forces. That our customers receive the right item, at the right time to build & sustain readiness.  From formal collaboration and demand planning for repair parts, to resolving backordered requisitions, to addressing issues impacting operational readiness or depot production schedules, Land Customer Operations is engaged from foxhole to factory, identifying, projecting, and answering our customers' current and future needs. We use multiple collection and analytic methods to continually scan the horizon to detect trends and issues, and collaborate with our procurement (Supplier Ops) and financial colleagues across the DLA enterprise to keep DLA's aim in front of the ground forces' requirements and emerging trends.

Our structure

To achieve our goals we have divided our organization into several divisions to focus on various aspects of DCO Land’s mission.  DCO Land consists of three focus areas: Land Operating Forces Division (QLA), Land Industrial Division (QLB), and Land Weapons Systems Division (QLR).

Land Operating Forces Division (QLA):

  • Provides DLA Forward Presence and execution at operational sites to include Customer Support Representatives (CSR) and Customer Logistics Site Specialists (CLSS).

  • Provides Customer Account Specialist support to Operating Forces DoDAACs; ensuring order processing accuracy/timeliness and prompt response to Supply Assistance Requests.

  • Develops and adjusts demand plans to anticipate and meet operational customer requirements.

  • Conducts customer site visits and coordinates training.  Collects and evaluates statistical data and actionable intelligence in order to anticipate customer needs.

Land Planning and Industrial Division (QLB):

  • Provides DLA Forward Presence and execution at operational sites to include Customer Support Representatives (CSR) and Customer Logistics Site Specialists (CLSS).

  • Provides Industrial Customer Account Specialist expedite support to Army and Marine Corps depots across all DLA Supply Chains.

  • Develops and adjusts demand plans along with actionable intelligence to meet operational and industrial customer requirements.

  • Conducts and participates in Industrial Forecast Support Groups (IFSG) at customer locations.

  • Provides support to the Army’s CCIR and USMC’s MSST for critical depot parts.

  • The Retail division has been established to determine what items should be forward stocked at particular customer’s locations and in what quantities to ensure a steady flow of parts.

Land Weapon Systems Division (QLR):

  • Responsible for monitoring and enhancing both weapon systems readiness and service to military customers.

  • Work closely with Program Manager’s and ILSC’s to address system wide support issues for DLA supported weapon systems.

  • Life Cycle responsibilities – Maintain system specific DLA supply metrics.  Advocates investment and acquisition strategies.

  • Develops proactive weapon system support initiatives.

  • Provides weapon system support to depot programs.

  • Participates with the military service in preparing integrated logistics support plans and in material readiness reviews to determine effectiveness of DLA support to weapon systems.

  • Provides information, such as supply availability about weapon system items managed by DLA, to Weapons System Program Managers

  • Land Readiness Room – services as the single point of entry to provide support for mission essential DLA managed parts influencing operational readiness.  Maintains collaborative partnership with Commands to expedite procurement and delivery of mission critical parts in support of the warfighter.  Maintains visibility on readiness of deployed forces and works toward resolving critical supply problems, which influence material readiness of the Armed Forces. 

Picture of Land and Maritime employee in a combat vehicle