EngageLand weapons systems Program Management Offices (Army and USMC)to maintain situational awareness of current and future program requirements, OPTEMPO, and changes in fleet densities and prioritization.

Sustainment:  Resolve unique and systemic supply chain issues resulting in order fulfillment in order to maintain high levels of readiness for all weapons systems while contributing to a reduction or elimination of backorders.  

Materiel Availability:  Continually ensure the supply health for all weapons systems and guard resources to ensure Warfighter readiness at a best value to the government.   

Assist Force Shaping:  Assist the services in weapons program transitions to ensure that the supply chain is postured to meet their requirements.   

Forward Presence Through CSRs positioned with Army Life Cycle Management Commands who “solve, train, and assist”.  

Optimize the TeamEnsure associates are highly trained, and that our policies, processes, and procedures are focused on effectiveness to the customer and efficiency for the agency.

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