Violence in the Workplace/Abuse

There's NO Excuse for Abuse!

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This site offers Federal Government Employees and their dependents a place to find assistance if they are a victim, or know of a victim, of workplace violence or domestic abuse.  Ignoring a situation does not make it go away; instead, it usually results in an escalation of the problem.

Have you witnessed an incident of abuse or workplace violence? View Workplace Harassment Prevention and Response Policy (DLAI 1438.06) and notify your supervisor.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: I have been encountering a number of harassing comments at work, and I would like to know how best to handle them. Yesterday a coworker decided to say he was going to drug me and cut out my kidney. I emailed that his comments of that nature were unwelcome and his response was disrespectful. My supervisor hasn't done anything about it and I want to do something about it. What can I do?

A: Your coworker's comments are clearly inappropriate and should be addressed initially by the supervisor. If you will give me the names of the coworker and supervisor I will contact the supervisor and discuss it.

Q: I have 2 GS11s that have constantly harassed me. I am a WG6 and over 4 years one of them has talked to me like i was mentally disabled or a child. The other went as far as pounding on my desk and screaming at me. Any mistake i make i receive an Email from my boss. there are only 2 WG employees here and we are the only ones who get an email for mistakes. My supervisor has jump in with them and it finally put me in the hospital for 5 weeks. The day i came back i was told of mistakes i made before i left. less than an hour ago i was being attacked for another mistake. it is impossible to work i am just to nervous and i make more mistakes. i have been told to move some where else but it would be a pay cut. why is it that no one goes after the bullies.


A: Please see your Employee Assistance Personnel associate or the Violence in Workplace chairperson. Your situation can be addressed.


Q: When an issue comes up, and no supervisor is around, is it acceptable that the first person to report it is believed? Shouldn’t a person have the right to have a three way meeting on the issue? Q: If a supervisor from another area comes over and stops a loud, antagonizing conversation, should one be threatened discipline without a right to discuss what occurred amongst that supervisor, your supervisor and the parties involved? Is it true that if a supervisor reports it, it is law?

A: Unfortunately, it is difficult to answer the above questions without getting more of the facts. Clearly, just because someone reports something does not mean that the report is accurate. But just as clearly, some reporters provide more accurate information than others. Similarly, meetings between parties in dispute are often useful, but again, the facts determine the usefulness or not.



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