Electronics Product Test Center

  • ELECTRICAL TESTING - complete electrical testing of active and passive components and assemblies using analog and digital test equipment.

  • ENVIRONMENTAL SIMULATION/RELIABILITY TESTING - tests performed that simulate environmental conditions that a component will be exposed to (i.e., mechanical shock, thermal shock, vibration, etc.).

  • DESTRUCTIVE PHYSICAL ANALYSIS - a systematic, logical, detailed examination of a component, including examination of various states of physical disassembly, to identify problems or discrepancies and their probable cause.

  • FAILURE ANALYSIS - a detailed examination of a failed device that usually consists of a series of nondestructive and destructive tests to determine the failure mode.

  • MATERIALS ANALYSIS - a qualitative or quantitative analysis performed to determine the material composition of a component by identifying chemical elements within the component.

  • QUALIFICATION TESTING - Approved to conduct qualification testing to selected Military Specifications.

  • PERFORMANCE TESTING - tests designed to evaluate the performance of a device.

  • NONDESTRUCTIVE TESTING - tests performed on a component that do not alter the physical state or destroy the device.

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