Engineering and Technical Support Directorate

Welcome to the Engineering and Technical Support Directorate (DLA Land and Maritime-V). We support the DLA community and its customers by providing a wide variety of engineering and logistic services.

To support our customers with responsive engineering, technical, and logistics services at the best value.

To be the premier provider of support and services to our customers, by continually upgrading our skills, improving our processes, and utilizing state of the art technologies.

The Engineering and Technical Support Directorate is organized into the following divisions:

Document Standardization Division (DLA Land and Maritime-VA)
Prepares and coordinates standardization documents in the DoD Specifications and Standards Program covering DLA Land and Maritime components and products, and provides engineering support to military customers using these documents.

Value Management Division
(DLA Land and Maritime-VE)
Provides a wide range of engineering and technical support functions including Value Engineering, Spare Parts Breakout, Should Cost or Price Analysis, Flexible Computer Integrated Manufacturing, and On Demand Manufacturing.

Support Services Division (DLA Land and Maritime-VI)
Assists the Operation Support Directorate with office supplies, foreign travel clearances, training opportunities, budget coordination and analysis, disposition of personnel actions, process analyses, and ADP security.

Product Verification Division
(DLA Land and Maritime-VP)
Manages the Product Verification Program (PVP) for the Inventory Control Point (ICP) located at DLA Land and Maritime. Verifies conformance of materiel to contract specifications; utilizes suppliers' past performance for future source selections and best value contracting decisions; facilitates First Article Testing (FAT), Production Lot Testing (PLT), Directed Testing, Customer Returns Program (CRII), Test For Cause program, Critical Safety Item (CSI) Testing, Total Quality Cost Model (TQCM), and special test requests.

Sourcing and Qualifications Division (DLA Land and Maritime-VQ)
Administers the Sourcing and Qualification program for DLA Land and Maritime component and product specifications; publishes associated Qualified Products Lists (QPLs) and Qualified Manufacturers Lists (QMLs); serves as an ISO 9000 registrar.

Logistics and Standardization Support Division (DLA Land and Maritime-VS)
Performs standardization management functions for the DoD standardization program including Item Reduction; administers the DoD Parts Management Program; provides materiel packaging and preservation services.

Technical Data Management Division (DLA Land and Maritime-VT)
Oversees the DLA Land and Maritime Central Repository of all technical data acquired for use by the Center.