DSPO Representative

DoD Lead - Parts Management/Qualification

Defense Standarization Program Office (OSD-DSPO)

Fort Belvoir, VA


Email: DSPO Representative


PSMC Co-Lead

Government Representative

Electronic Components Branch - VAT

DLA Land and Maritime


Email: Government Representative

PSMC Co-Lead

Industry Representative

Technical Fellow

Boeing Integrated Defense Systems

St Louis, MO


Email: PSMC Industry Representative

PSMC Co-Lead

Military Representative

United States Air Force



Email: PSMC Military Representative

Parts Standardization & Management Committee (PSMC)


Chartered by Defense Standardization Program Office (DSPO)


The PSMC’s purpose is to establish Parts Management best practices across DoD to increase system operational availability and reduce total ownership costs.

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PSMC Subcommittees

Systems Engineering, Procedures, Contracting, and Education Subcommittee



To make recommendations to the Defense Standardization Program Office (DSPO), concerning DoD Parts Management Program procedures, contractual implementation, and education to address Weapon System and Equipment Acquisition Program and Systems Engineering life-cycle objectives. This subcommittee will develop appropriate language concerning performance-based parts management requirements in DoD procedures, contractual, systems engineering, and training documentation.


Topics of Special Interest

  • MIL-STD-3018 Parts Management
  • SD-19 Parts Management Guide
  • Introduction to Parts Management (DAU Course CLL-206)
  • Parts Management Systems Engineering Technical Review and Logistics Assessment Checklists


Other relevant documents

  • Defense Acquisition Guide Chapters 4 and 5
  • SD-22 DMSMS Guidebook


Subcommittee Points of Contact (POC)

Systems Engineering, Procedures, Contracting, and Education Chair
LMI Consultant
Phone: 856-983-5330


Systems Engineering, Procedures, Contracting, and Education Vice-Chair
Northrop Grumman Corp.
Phone: 410-993-2537


Counterfeit Parts & Risk Mitigation Subcommittee



This subcommittee reviews issues concerning counterfeit items and materials and makes recommendations to the Defense Standardization Program Office (DSPO), concerning their detection, risk mitigation, and reporting.


Issues of Special Interest

  • AS5553 verification criteria
  • AS6081 standard for distributors
  • Industry standard to address counterfeit mechanical parts and materials (SAE G-21) AIA Counterfeit Parts IPT Coordination
  • Counterfeit parts education and awareness


Subcommittee Points of Contact (POC)

Counterfeit Parts & Risk Mitigation Subcommittee Chair
Boeing - Seattle
Phone: 206-662-3913

Counterfeit Parts & Risk Mitigation Subcommittee Vice-Chair
BAE Systems, FL
Phone: 850-499-8257


Parts Management Tools & Data Subcommittee



The Parts Management Tools & Data subcommittee provides an Industry/Government forum for suggesting improvements and additional services for parts management tools and data which aid our customers in their standardization efforts.


Topics of Special Interest

  • Defense Parts Management Portal (DPMP)
  • PinPoint


Subcommittee Points of Contact (POC)

Parts Management Tools & Data Chair
LMI Consultant
Phone: 703-917-7282

Parts Management Tools & Data Vice-Chair
Boeing - Mesa
Phone: 480-891-9691


DMSMS Subcommittee



Provide recommendations to the PSMC Advisory Group, concerning parts management policy and contractual implementation of mitigation strategies for Diminishing Manufacturing Sources and Material Shortages (DMSMS).


Topics of Special Interest

  • Annual DMSMS Conference
  • Shared Data Warehouse - DMSMS Case management and collaboration network.


Relevant Documents



  • DAU Computer Based Training - View DMSMS Short Courses.
  • CLL 201 - DMSMS Fundamentals
  • CLL 202 - DMSMS Executive Course
  • CLL 203 - DMSMS Essentials
  • CLL 204 - DMSMS Case Studies
  • CLL 205 - DMSMS for Technical Professionals


Subcommittee Points of Contact (POC)

BAE Systems, FL
Phone: 850-499-8257

DMSMS Vice-Chair
Phone: TBD


Implementation & Marketing Subcommittee



  • Develop and define processes and training for the implementation of the Parts Management requirements in MIL-STD-3018.
  • Provide marketing support for the Parts Standardization and Management Committee (PSMC).


Topics of Special Interest

  • Ads or articles in Industry and Government publications/trade magazines
  • Attendance at expos


Subcommittee Points of Contact (POC)

Implementation & Marketing Chair
United Technologies Aerospace Incorporated (UTC)
Phone: 602-232-4103

Implementation & Marketing Vice-Chair
US Army, AMRDEC, Redstone Arsenal, AL
Phone: 256-876-6980



Charter Subcommittee



To provide a current and comprehensive Charter document which sets forth the committee's principles, functions, and organizational structure consistent with it's objectives.


Topics of Special Interest

  • The Charter subcommittee will meet as needed to discuss possible changes to the Charter.
  • The Charter subcommittee will be accepting recommended changes/modifications to the PSMC Charter Please submit your requests to the Charter subcommittee Chair.


Subcommittee Points of Contact (POC)

Charter Chair
US Army, AMRDEC, Redstone Arsenal, AL
Phone: 256-876-6980

Charter Vice-Chair
United Technologies Aerospace Incorporated (UTC)
Phone: 602-232-4103