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Thank you to all who attended the 2019 JAPBI! We had a fantastic turnout with 900 attendees. For 2020, the dates announced at the event will be changed due to Election Day. We are still finalizing the date, which will be posted on the Industry Events page as soon as it is approved. It will once again be held in the Philadelphia-Southern New Jersey area. If you have any suggestions or ideas on how to make the event even better, feel free to contact the Event Director at 215-737-2460.

Supplying the military with millions of uniforms is a daunting task. From cotton to sewing to delivery it takes a dedicated force and strong partnerships to weave together all that is needed to provide the highest quality uniform possible for our warfighters. This short video takes you through the journey on how DLA and its partners deliver the “Fabric of America.”

The 2019 presentations are available as follows:

General Session – November 6, 2019

01 – Opening Remarks from the Director of Clothing & Textiles at DLA Troop Support

02 – Keynote Address from Deputy Program Executive Officer Soldier

03 – Army Update from Project Manager Soldier Survivability, PEO Soldier

04 – Marine Corps Update from Program Manager, Infantry Combat Equipment

05 – Navy Update from Deputy Commander, Navy Uniforms, NEXCOM

06 – Air Force Update from Senior Materials Leader, Human Systems Division

07 – DLA Update from the Commander, DLA Troop Support

08 – DLA Troop Support Clothing & Textiles Update from Director of Supplier Operations

09 – Commonality and Standardization Panel led by Project Manager Soldier Survivability

NOTE: For the General Sessions, questions were asked via text message. We received more questions than the schedule allowed for answers, so we are in the process of gathering written answers. The full Q&A for the first day will be posted here as soon as all answers are received from our speakers.

Breakout Sessions – November 7, 2019

Note: organization who gave briefings listed in parentheses; description of items/briefing if not evident by session title.

  • Accessories (DLA, Army, Air Force) – items including T-shirts, physical fitness uniforms, underwear, socks, belts, neckties/tabs
  • Army Research and Development Programs (Army Combat Capabilities Development Command Soldier Center) – items in development
  • Ballistic Helmets (DLA, Army)
  • Body Armor & Loadbearing Equipment (DLA, Army, Air Force) – items including hard & soft body armor, load-bearing & load carriage equipment, canteens, foot lockers, field packs, rucksacks, holsters
  • Camouflage Spectral Reflectance (Army, USMC) – Technical info on background of SWIR camo, data used to establish target values, & assessing conformance to new SWIR and updated NIR;  US Army's and USMC's acquisition strategy and schedule for requirement changes (combined here, was presented as 2 briefings at JAPBI)
  • Chemical Protective Clothing (DLA)
  • Combat Uniforms (DLA, Army)
  • COTS Cold Weather Program (DLA) – DLA's contract for cold weather COTS items based on customer requirements
  • DLA Environmental Programs (DLA) – Sustainability processes and how to achieve environmental objectives at item inception (called “Buy Green Program” on agenda)
  • DLA Industrial Base Program (DLA) – Information on DLA's Warstopper Program and how DLA manages the industrial base
  • DLA Planning & Forecasting (DLA) – How DLA receives requirements from the Services and creates a forecast for each item
  • DLA Tech/Quality (DLA) – Various Quality Assurance topics including shade swatching, request for variance, PDMs, lot traceability, item testing requirements, and obtaining technical data
  • DLA Value Management Program (DLA) – How vendors can submit Value Engineering Change Proposals for item improvements
  • Dress Clothing (DLA, Air Force)
  • Environmental Protection Clothing (DLA, Army, Air Force) – Parkas/jackets, trousers, & systems for extended cold weather, intermediate, arctic, or jungle
  • Flight, Safety, Special Purpose & Shipboard Clothing (DLA, Army, Air Force) – Flyers coveralls & helmets, anti-gravity suits, disposable coveralls, flight deck shirts & helmets, combat vehicle crewman  & Army aircrew uniforms. Notes: (1) This PDF is missing the briefing provided by NAVAIR, which will be uploaded once the approved copy is received. (2) Also see the Glove session for additional special purpose items being procured by DLA.
  • Gloves ( DLA) – Handwear, but the session also included Tapes & Webbing, Wet Weather, and some Special Purpose items
  • Heraldics (DLA,The Institute of Heraldry, Air Force) – Insignia, flags, streamers, service ribbons, & decoration sets
  • PTAC Topics for Experienced Vendors (PTAC) – Procurement Technical Assistance Centers help businesses compete & perform for contracts with DoD and the federal government. This session is for experienced vendors to learn more about the SBIR/STTR program and advanced tips on using DIBBS.
  • PTAC Topics for New Vendors (PTAC) – Procurement Technical Assistance Centers help businesses compete & perform for contracts with DoD and the federal government. This session is for brand new vendors hoping to obtain contracts with tips on how to get started and how to find opportunities.
  • Source Sampling Modernization (DLA Product Test Center – Analytical) – Discussion of the testing process, tolerances, room specs, & instrumental shade.

NOTE: There was no breakout session on Footwear (Combat Boots, Dress Shoes, Athletic Footwear) because the DoD Footwear Committee met on October 17th. The Committee is comprised of manufacturers, suppliers, and government personnel. If you are not a member and would like more information about this group, please contact 508-867-7731 x125.