2021 JAPBI

DLA Troop Support Clothing & Textiles hosted the 2021 Joint Advanced Planning Brief for Industry (JAPBI) on November 17-18, 2021. Presentations from the event can be viewed by selecting the links below. (Presentations will be linked as received/are available to upload.)

Main Sessions

Joint Product Line Briefings

  • Accessories: T-shirts, physical fitness uniforms, underwear, socks, belts, neckties/tabs, etc.
  • Ballistic Helmets: Ballistic helmets for all Services. For non-ballistic, see “Special Purpose Clothing”

  • Body Armor & Load-Bearing Equipment: Hard & soft body armor, load bearing & load carriage equipment, canteens, foot lockers, field packs, rucksacks, holsters, etc.

  • Combat Uniforms: Battledress combat utility uniforms for all Services (Note: this presentation also included Combat Vehicle Crewman’s uniforms typically covered under “Special Purpose Uniforms”)

  • Commercial Cold Weather: DLA's contract for cold weather COTS items based on customer requirements.

  • Dress Clothing: Dress coats, trousers/slacks, skirts, headwear, etc.

  • Environmental Clothing: Parkas/jackets, trousers, and systems for extended cold weather, intermediate, arctic, or jungle environments.

  • Gloves: Handwear (Note: also includes mention of textile webbings and some special purpose clothing)

  • Heraldics: Insignia, flags, streamers, service ribbons, swords, flagstaffs, & decoration sets (also military blankets and bedding)

  • Special Purpose, Flight, Safety, Shipboard, Chemical Protective: Flyers coveralls & helmets, anti-gravity suits, disposable coveralls, flight deck shirts & helmets, combat vehicle crewman & Army aircrew uniforms. Also chemical, biological, radiological, nuclear defense, and other non-ballistic personal protective items.

Note: The following DLA product lines were not briefed at JAPBI:

  • Footwear (Footwear meeting was held in October)
  • Tents and Shelters (mostly commercial item procurements as requirements are received)
  • PPE Masks & Gowns (long-term contracts awarded and no upcoming requirements received)
  • Ecclesiastical (Religious) Items (industrial base does not overlap with the rest of C&T)

Other Topic Briefings

Note: There were no slides for the DPA Title III Breakout.