Operational Rations

Operational Rations are the first line of Subsistence in a combat situation or humanitarian assistance mission. Items include:


  • Meals, Ready-to-Eat - individually packaged and used by the services to sustain individuals during military operations that preclude organized food service facilities
  • Unitized Group Rations - used when combat conditions permit the establishment of field feeding kitchens, they contain complete food and paper/plastic components to serve 50 meals

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 Army Public Health Center Food Protection Program Operational Rations

Weight & Cube
DLA Troop Supoort Class I Return Policy

The Operational Rations division ensures our military personnel receive subsistence support in the intense, highly mobile combat situations of the modern battlefield, while also supporting the civilian sector with humanitarian feeding. We are committed to supplying our customers timely and quality products at an affordable cost.

We are also responsible for Subsistence-wide Industrial Base, Value Management, Pest Management/Sanitation/Packaging, and Quality Audit Programs. Our Operational Rations programs reflect the joint efforts of DLA Troop Support, the industrial base, and the Natick Research, Development & Engineering Center on behalf of the military services.

Customer Eligibility Policy
It is DLA Troop Support policy NOT to sell rations to individuals, whether members of the Armed Services or civilians. The Department of Defense regulations and DLA Troop Support policy permit the sale of rations to the following: U.S. military organizations, federal government-funded activities, activities empowered to perform a federal-government-legislated function, a DoD sponsored non-appropriated fund instrumentality, State Department sponsored employee commissary (CONUS and OCONUS), a foreign government when an authorized contractual relationship has been established, a federal government contractor, when the contract specifically provides for the purchase of stock fund items by the contractor and other entities when authorized by duly appointed officials. In some instances sales are only permitted to these entities if other conditions are met.