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  • MIL-PRF-44073H
    • Packaging of Food in Flexible Pouches (24-JUL-17, w/change 01, 23-JAN-19)
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FSC DTL Date Description
8920 MIL-B-44359 10-SEP-93 Buns, Hamburger
8920 MIL-C-44072C 30-APR-90,
w/change 01,
Cookies, Oatmeal, and Brownies, Chocolate Covered
8920 MIL-O-44136C 24-SEP-99,
w/change 02,
Oatmeal Cookie and Granola Bars
8940 MIL-DTL-32141 Click Here Sandwich, Shelf Stable, For Operational Rations
8920 MIL-DTL-32219 Click Here Bagel, Shelf Stable, For Operational Rations
8920 MIL-DTL-32221 Click Here Filled Bakery Item, Shelf Stable, For Operational Rations
8940 MIL-DTL-32223 Click Here Sandwich, Breakfast, Shelf Stable, For Operational Rations
8970 MIL-DTL-32235 Click Here Heater Module
8970 MIL-DTL-32438 Click Here Hot Beverage Box
8940 MIL-DTL-32347 Click Here Filled Wrap, Shelf Stable, for Operational Rations
8920 MIL-DTL-32541 Click Here Pizza Slice, Shelf Stable for Operational Rations
8920 MIL-DTL-44360 Click Here Bread, Shelf Stable, For Operational Rations
8970 MIL-PRF-32176 22-OCT-04 Bag, Hot Beverage
8970 MIL-R-44398 20-SEP-93,
w/change 03,
Ration Supplement, Flameless Heater, For Meal, Ready-to-Eat