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Unitized Group Ration 11 Poly Tray

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Associated Documents

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  • MIL-STD-129
    • Marking for Shipment & Storage - Semiperishable and Perishable Subsistence
  • MIL-PRF-32004B
    • Packaging of Food in Polymeric Trays (29-OCT-03, w/change 03, 13-JUL-07)
  • MIL-PRF-44073G
    • Packaging of Food in Flexible Pouches (11-SEP-09, w/change 04, 27-SEP-13)
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All Specifications and engineering support changes within this website are the latest approved versions developed by the Specification Preparing Activity. The appropriate individual contract specifications are cited in the individual contract document. Amendments and modifications must be incorporated into the contractual document before any specification or engineering change becomes contractual.

Document Description Date
PCR-A-003 Apple Dessert 17-MAY-02,
w/change 05,
PCR-B-036 Blueberry Dessert 04-NOV-02,
w/change 01,
PCR-B-039A Buffalo Style Chicken 03-DEC-04,
w/change 05,
PCR-B-044 Burgandy Beef Stew 02-MAY-05,
w/change 01,
PCR-B-046 Beef Roasted with Gravy 31-MAR-06,
w/change 01,
PCR-B-048 Biscuits 23-APR-07,
w/change 01,
PCR-B-052 Beef and Potatoes in Cream Gravy 15-JAN-10,
w/change 02,
PCR-C-024C Cake and Brownies 28-FEB-11
PCR-C-032 Chicken Breast in Gravy 29-NOV-99,
w/change 10,
PCR-C-034A Chili with Beans 12-OCT-00,
w/change 02,
PCR-C-039 Cheese Spread, Cheddar, Fortified 03-SEP-04,
w/change 04,
PCR-C-070A Chicken Tamales with Sauce 03-JUN-09
PCR-C-071 Cornbread 04-OCT-07
PCR-C-072A Chicken Pot Pie Filling 03-JUN-09
PCR-C-076 Chicken Stir Fry (White Chicken, Vegetables and Sauce) 24-APR-09
PCR-C-079 Cuban Style Garlic Sauce with Beef Strips 29-DEC-09,
w/change 01,
PCR-C-080 Carnitas Entree (Diced Pork with Peppers and Onions in a MExican Style Tomato Sauce) 18-JUN-09
PCR-E-017A Egg Mix, Pasteurized, Uncooked, Dehydrated Boil-In-Bag (BIB) Pouch 03-SEP-10
PCR-H-009 Ham Slices in Brine 21-JUN-00,
w/change 02,
PCR-J-002A Juice, Fruit, Instant 10-JAN-14
PCR-M-007 Mashed Potatoes with Brown Gravy 12-APR-00,
w/change 01,
PCR-M-010 Mashed Potatoes with Chicken Gravy 28-AUG-02
PCR-O-007 Oatmeal, Apple Cinnamon 01-MAR-11
PCR-P-014A Pork Sausage in Cream Gravy 11-OCT-00,
w/change 01,
PCR-P-015 Pork Sausage Links in Brine 17-OCT-00,
w/change 01,
PCR-P-041 Pasta with Ground Hot Italian Sausage 03-MAR-04
PCR-P-043 Pulled Pork in Barbecue Sauce 31-MAR-06,
w/change 01,
PCR-R-004A Rice 18-APR-05,
w/change 01,
PCR-S-012 Spaghetti with Meatballs in Sauce 26-FEB-03
PCR-S-020 Seasoned Au Jus Flavored Sauce with Beef Steaks 16-DEC-09,
w/change 01,
PCR-S-021 Santa Fe Style Rice and Beans 15-JAN-10
PCR-S-022 Sweet Potato Casserole 18-DEC-09
PCR-T-008 Tortillas 16-AUG-04,
w/change 07,
PCR-T-009 Turkey Cutlets in Gravy 10-MAY-05,
w/change 01,
PCR-T-010 Taco Filling with Beef 05-MAY-05,
w/change 01,
PCR-T-013A Turkey Tetrazzini 17-DEC-10
PCR-V-009 Vegetarian Chili 11-MAR-11