Associate of the Month

Congratulations to the June 2018 Associate of the Month: Karen Day

The DLA Land and Maritime Associate of the Month program recognizes and rewards personnel who go beyond the requirements of their job. Each director and/or staff office chief may nominate one individual and complete the nomination form using established criteria. All non-supervisory Land and Maritime personnel are eligible. To submit a nomination, please review the eligibility requirements and nomination criteria in the policy letter and complete the nomination form (Please note these links are DLA CAC enabled).

Nominations should be sent to the DLA Land and Maritime Employee of the Month mailbox no later than the 15th day of that calendar month via the "Send via Email" link on the nomination page. Any nomination received after the 15th day will be considered as a nominee for the next month's award. Nominees are rated by a selection committee, and recommendations are forwarded to Command to select the winner. Winners of the Land and Maritime AOM award are submitted to the DLA Headquarters Employee of the Quarter Award Program for that quarter.


  • January: Hilary Schroeder
  • February: Jill Patrick-Smith
  • March: Cyrill Yuvienco
  • April: Rachel Tan
  • May: Paula Reese
  • June: Karen Day
  • July:
  • August:
  • September:
  • October:
  • November:
  • December:


  • January: Kristen King
  • February: Kimberly Schneider
  • March: John Beard and David Leach
  • April: Angela McCoy
  • May: Timothy Blizzard
  • June: Jason Conkle
  • July: Larry Baas
  • August: Julie Hutt
  • September: Julie Miller and Ed Mullins
  • October: Marina Matos
  • November: Kenneth Cotton
  • December: Helen Yu


  • January: Brandon Quatman
  • February: Ken Blevins
  • March: Rebecca Mickelson
  • April: Clarice Pukahi-Moranha
  • May: Robert Lewis
  • June: John Dotchin
  • July: Kathryn Minor
  • August: Chris Hancock
  • September: John Hutcheson
  • October: Susan Cooper
  • November: Alan Searfoss
  • December: Christina Brown


  • January: Tiffany Cullens
  • February: Daniel Monahan
  • March: Giorgi Bickel
  • April: Nicole Brown
  • May: Matthew Coughenour
  • June: Amanda Sabo
  • July: Bret Griffin
  • August: Theresa Moore
  • September: Claudia DiSalvo
  • October: Mary Shearer
  • November: Katherine Woods
  • December: Tammy Sabo


  • January: Gregory Legger
  • February: Sheila Jarrells
  • March: Francis Hoffman
  • April: Thomas Gillespie
  • May: Linda Koukourakis and Laura Webb
  • June: Jacqueline Camp
  • July: Joanne Bogner
  • August: Lu Ann Boscy
  • September: Kyle Barr
  • October: Pamela Hart
  • November: Pamela Krumm
  • December: Tammy Solt


  • January: Michael Hart and Debra Poai
  • February: Edward Warner
  • March: Amanda Sabo
  • April: Kimberly Carela
  • May: Bryan Boerger
  • June: Karen Baird and Linda Linard
  • July: Hoa Ta
  • August: Cherylann Kealoha-Guerrero
  • September: Jeremy Feeney
  • October: Tasha Hill
  • November: Daniel Lutz
  • December: Kyle Barr


  • January: Kevin Liggons
  • February: Brenda Lawrence
  • March: Mark Deem
  • April: Marc Castillo
  • May: Royal Cline
  • June: Travis Robertson
  • July: Karen Day
  • August: Stacey White and Kevin Grover
  • September: Brandi Scott
  • October: Lou Jaquish
  • November: Erin Roesky
  • December: Tamara Solt


  • January: Rachel Toracinta
  • February: Steven Grey
  • March: John Dissinger
  • April: Vickie Diggs
  • May: Mindy Cook
  • June: Howard Roberson
  • July: James Penzenstadler
  • August: Mark Deem
  • September: Christy King
  • October: Arnold Amartey
  • November: Lu Ann Bocsy
  • December: Lucianette Maldonado


  • January: Patrick Laugherty
  • February: Robyn Houze
  • March: Esther Hayden
  • April: Greg Barger
  • May: Donald Gillespie
  • June: Daniel King
  • July: Sharon Tillman
  • August: Deanna Blesch
  • September: Erik Minshall
  • October: Loretta Walker
  • November: Van Rome
  • December: Tracy Fisher


  • January: Anne Tarrant
  • February: Steven Loper
  • March: Lucianette Maldonado
  • April: Sharon Tillman
  • May: Rick Thompson
  • June: Barbara Souders
  • July: Jill-Patrick Smith
  • August: Joyce Collins
  • September: Daniel Sommer
  • October: Veronica Godbott
  • November: Paul Kitzmiller
  • December: Jon House