Standardization is how we provide the warfighter with equipment that is interoperable, reliable, and technologically superior.  Items bought to specifications usually require less lead time, reduced stock levels, and result in fewer back orders.  In addition, testing costs can be reduced for first article testing using qualified products lists.

The DoD currently uses more than 38,000 standardization documents including federal, military, commercial and industrial standards.  Approximately, 6,500 of these documents relate to the commodities bought by DLA Aviation such as instrumentation, control cable system components, bearings, batteries, terminal lugs, etc.

•  Specifications and Standards Program. DLA Aviation itself maintains approximately 1,300 documents and takes a proactive approach to keep all 38,000 plus DoD specifications current for procurement purposes which can be found and quick searched up in Assist.

•  Qualified Products List (QPL) Program. We qualify and monitor over 64 sources of 32 QPLs associated with wire rope, cables, pulleys, bearings, gas cylinder valves, accumulators, indicators, and electrodes which can be found in the Quality Products Database (QPD)(NOTE: use this site only for US Military specifications QPLs / QMLs.  We do not manage other QPLs such as those prepared and managed by the OEM or a Non-Government Organization).

  Non-Government Standard (NGS) Bodies and Industry Partnerships. DLA Aviation provides government representation on various NGS and industry committees.  Currently, there are over 8,700 NGS documents from over 100 organizations such as SAE, ASME, and more which can be found here.  DLA Aviation focuses on the following:

•  Aircraft Control Cable Group (ACCG) — This consortium serves as a forum for addressing a variety of standardization and readiness related issues associated with critical components used in aircraft control systems. It provides an exceptional opportunity to synchronize component requirements, industry improvements, and manufacturing capabilities with the needs of the aircraft developers and military users.
•  Parachute Industry Association
Airframe Control Bearings Group (ACBG)
•  ASTM D02 Petroleum Products and Lubricants
•  ASTM F34 Rolling Element Bearing Group Committee
•  ASTM D16 Aromatic, Industrial, Specialty and Related Chemicals

DoD Policy and Database for Military Specifications and Military Standards: