Working With DLA Land and Maritime

Thank you for taking the time to investigate working with us. Our primary customer is the United States Military. We are the largest Inventory Control Point (ICP) in the Defense Logistics Agency (DLA). Currently, DLA Land and Maritime manages over 1.6 million S9C (Construction) and S9E (Electronics) spare parts.

Selling to DLA Land and Maritime

More resources for selling to DLA Land and Maritime

DLA Land and Maritime relies heavily on a wide range of businesses capable of supporting our primary customer, the US military. Within this web site you shall find the information necessary to get started with DLA Land and Maritime, unique business opportunities, explanations of the procurement process, pertinent acquisition regulations, and the resources available to interact effectively with the systems and associates at DLA Land and Maritime.

The Vendor Roadmap page provides functional information necessary to successfully bid on Land and Maritime requirements. These sources of information can also be contacted or researched for assistance: