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Global Tires Program

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GTP Introduction

The Defense Logistics Agency (DLA) Land and Maritime (L&M) Strategic Acquisition Programs Directorate (SAPD), currently manages the Tires Successor Initiative (TSI) (reference requirements contract in support of DLA managed aircraft and ground tires. The Naval Supply Systems Command Weapon System Support (NAVSUP-WSS) currently manages the Navy Tires Performance Based Logistics Successor (TPS) contract in support of Navy managed aircraft tires.

These efforts will be consolidated into one requirements contract that will be known as the GTP. The GTP will provide tire support for the Air Force, Army, Coast Guard, Marines, Navy and Foreign Military Sales (FMS). The Government will pursue an acquisition strategy by establishing Vendor Long Term Contracts (LTCs) or Vendor Indefinite Delivery Purchase Orders (IDPOs), hereby referred to as Vendor LTCs, with Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) and dealers for tires. The acquisition strategy requires the GTP Integrator to utilize the DLA L&M established Vendor LTCs for its supply of tires for supply chain management and to provide responsive global supply support to military customers.

 The GTP Integrator, the Government and industry counterparts will be working together to support DLA’s military customers by providing aircraft and ground tire support. The GTP Integrator and LTC Vendor(s) are required to meet all terms and conditions in their respective contract(s) and shall put forth its best efforts and at all times deal in good faith with one (1) another in executing GTP support. The GTP Integrator is required to utilize the Government established Vendor LTCs for the GTP Integrator’s inventory / replenishment of new and repairable tires. The LTC Vendor(s) shall fill and deliver orders to the GTP Integrator.

Vendor Long Term Contracts

Tires LTC for GTP, 9-1-2017

GTP Item Information

GTP Solicitation Amendment 002, 10-27-2017

GTP Solicitation Amendment 0001, 10-26-2017

GTP Solicitation SPE7LX-17-R-0090, 9-29-2017

Global Tires Program Draft Document, 8-18-2017

FBO Item Information Posting, 5-26-2017

Global Tires Industry Day

Receive industry insight into the Global Tires Program.

Location: Defense Supply Center Columbus, OH
Date: TBA
Time: TBA
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Agenda: TBA


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