Forward Presence Team - TYAD
Tobyhanna, Pennsylvania

To fully integrate DLA support with customer objectives and systems in order to provide the best support possible at Robyhanna Army Depot.

Mission Statement
To enhance demand planning and customer and weapon systems account management. Serve as Defense Logistics Agency's forward presence at Tobyhanna Army Depot (TYAD). To engage the customer on opportunities for improved supply chain support through innovative and tailored logistics solutions.

Forward Presence Team - TYAD (FPT - TYAD) currently consist of; a Customer Support Representative (CSR), Customer Logistics Site Specialist, (CLSS), Quality Assurance Specialist (QAS), and Contract Specialist (CS) "Buyer".
FPT TYAD supports data and information sharing through a single point of access supporting:
•    Improved data integrity
•    Sharing of DLA corporate logistics information
•    Enhanced material availability
•    Supply chain & distribution communities of interest
•    Exchange of DLA data between activities

FPT TYAD is on site to respond quickly to customer needs in support of Depot Maintenance:
•    Requirements determination, forecasting IPT participation, Special Program Requirements issues
•    Production / Budget Reviews
•    Performs, research, evaluations, reviews, and conducts functions and activities for the pre-award process then routes e-buy request for procurement approval
•    Assist the customer in preparation of PQDR information to assure adequate data for evaluation, resolution and final disposition of non-conforming material. Participants in the review of Tech Data Package (TDP) where conflicts are noted on material received from the contractor to include Drawing Interpretation, Testing and Measurement as required both in the Industrial and Storage facilities. Also serves as the Technical Advisor on QAS matters related to Emergency Buys (E-buys).

FPT TYAD communicates customer requirements for depot activities’ and promotes effective use of all Supply Centers’ Acquisition Programs, i.e. Prime Vendor, FASI, Integrated Logistics Partnership (formerly) Customer Pay, Battery Consignment Program, to support depot programs.