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The Subsistence Total Order and Receipt Electronic System (STORES) is a web-based system that enables customers to order and receipt Subsistence products. 

If you completed a DLA Account Management and Provisioning System (AMPS) request to gain access to STORES, you will receive an e-mail notification from AMPS annually asking you to confirm that you still require STORES access. In order to maintain your STORES account, please access the link in the e-mail when you receive it and choose to ‘Extend’. If you no longer require access to STORES, you may choose to ‘Expire’.
***When the annual renewal e-mail is not addressed, it may result in interruption to your STORES access***


STORES accounts that have been inactive for a period of 45 days will be disabled.

If you still require access to STORES, please log in to your account via at least once per 45 days.

If your account is disabled for inactivity, you will need to begin a new account request per the instructions found on the STORES site, review the User Agreement and continue on to New Account Request Form for detailed instructions or, contact the DLA Enterprise Help Desk via 1-855-352-0001.

STORES & EDI Requirements