DLA Distribution Sigonella, Italy

Pamela Dozier, CAPT, USN, Commander

DLA Distribution Sigonella, Italy, is strategically located in the heart of the Mediterranean Sea. With capability to provide the full complement of physical distribution services and ideally located on the historically-rich island of Sicily, Sigonella stands ready to support all four service components and other federal agencies located south of the Italian Alps.

Officially activated on April 1, 2004, DLA Distribution Sigonella, Italy, was established to provide forward stock positioning support and enhanced physical distribution services in conjunction with an expanding regional customer base. Collocated on Naval Air Station, Sigonella, DLA Distribution Sigonella, Italy's, primary customers currently include the Aviation Support Division, Aviation Intermediate Maintenance Division, and Navy ships and squadrons operating in the Mediterranean region. Specialized handling and support services include managing the Navy's hazardous materials, depot level repair part storage and distribution, and a complete range of material packing and shipping services. Sigonella also provides expedited requisitioning and centralized receiving support to the military community throughout the Mediterranean.

Distribution Sigonella, Italy
Official Mailing
PSC 812 BOX 0003
FPO, AE 09627-0001
DSN: 314-624-5752
COMM: +39-095-86-5752


Contact Us

DLA Distribution Sigonella Italy Command Duty Officer                   +39-335-833-4592
Security Office                                                                                   DSN: 314-624-9469
Safety Office                                                                                      DSN: 314-624-2610
ESOC/Customer Support  Customer Service                                 DSN: 314-624-5752
                                                                                                          Cell: +39-335-833-4592
                                                                                                          Email: ddsi.customerservice@dla.mil

CASREP Inquiries                                                                          DSN: 314-624-5752

DLA Customer Interaction Center: Provides 24/7 support to locate DoD stock items and answer logistics inquiries.

DLA Distribution Sigonella, Italy Regional Site Locations

Mapping Support Office, Naples, Italy                                         DSN: 314-624-5477/5280
NWT Rota, Spain                                                                        DSN: 314-624-2093

Sigonella Detachment Locations:

  • DLA Distribution Sigonella, Italy at Rota, Spain
  • DLA Distribution Sigonella, Italy at Djibouti, Africa