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DLA Distribution Bahrain

Distribution Bahrain Leaders

About Distribution Bahrain

DLA Distribution Bahrain, Southwest Asia maintains forward-positioned stock and provides multi-modal distribution to all branches of service operating in the CENTCOM AOR. Distribution Bahrain serves as the single Theater Distribution Platform within CENTCOM.

Located in Bahrain's capital city, Manama, the distribution center performs standard distribution operations to include receipt, store, ship, and issue as well as inventory control, care of stock in storage, packaging, and preservation.

Providing tailored distribution services through its Material Processing Centers in Bahrain, the MPC performs core business functions on fleet requisitioned materiel such as receiving; customized sorting; temporary storage; customized delivery options; expedited shipment tracking; and freight forwarding functions.

Materiel in storage includes Class IX repair parts and component items, clothing, housekeeping supplies, packaged petroleum products, and construction materials.

Distribution Bahrain offers extensive Mapping products and navigational aids for both land and maritime use.

Distribution Bahrain Contacts

Distribution Bahrain
PSC 851 Box 630
FPO, AE 09834
International: +973

Contacts Phone Numbers
Commander Desk +973-1715-3001
DSN 324-206-9836 (Hidd)
318-439-4753 (NSA)
Deputy Commander Desk +973-1715-3002
DSN 324-206-9829 (Hidd)
COR Desk +973-1715-3011
DSN 324-206-9834
ESOC Desk +973-1715-3063
Security Office Desk +973-1715-3008
DSN 324-206-9826
Safety Office Desk +973-1715-3006
DSN 324-206-9822




DLA Customer Interaction Center: Provides 24/7 support to locate DoD stock items and answer logistics inquiries