DLA Distribution Anniston, Alabama


                                    LTC Martin E. Wennblom, USA, Commander                        Guy Taylor, Deputy Commander



DLA Distribution Anniston, Alabama, provides distribution services for combat weapons systems, small arms weapons and missile systems for all services. It maintains materiel to support weapons and combat systems, including radioactive, hazardous, consumables, major end items and secondary repair parts. 

DLA Distribution Anniston, Alabama's primary mission is to support the maintenance mission of Anniston Army Depot. DLA Distribution Anniston, Alabama, is collocated with the Army's only small arms repair facility. The organization also receives, stores, and issues material by land (truck and rail), sea and air for worldwide distribution for all military services.

DLA Distribution Anniston, Alabama, stores items ranging from small microchips to M1A2 main battle tanks. The organization's industrial capabilities include reciprocal engine kitting, joint vehicle inspections, minor vehicle repair, modification, camouflage painting, disassembly, assembly, modification and minor repair of small arms weapons; preservation and packaging and Total Package Fielding of weapons systems for combat and wheeled vehicles and small arms weapons.

DLA Distribution Anniston, Alabama, also demilitarizes small arms, weapons systems components and other items, at the request of the service in support of ROTC, honor guards, posts, camps, stations, and Veteran Organizations.


DLA Distribution Anniston Alabama

7 Frankford Ave., Building 362

Anniston, Alabama 36201-4199

DLA Distribution Anniston Command Office 571-7527 256-235-7527
DLA Distribution Anniston Command and Control room 571-3240 256-240-3240
Customer Service Support Team 571-4831 256-235-4831
Operations Office 571-6031 256-235-6031
Human Resources 571-6918 256-235-6918
Safety Office 571-6147 256-235-6147
Radioactive Office 571-5330 256-741-5330
Security Office 571-6146 256-235-6146
Weapons Security Office 571-3702 256-240-3702
Weapons Operations 571-6639/7730 256-235-6639/7730
Administrative Operations 571-7887 256-235-7887
Distribution Warehousing/Trans. Operations 571-6072/6530 256-235-6072/6530
Distribution Receiving/D2 Operations 571-4831 256-235-4831
Service & Support Operation 571-4531 256-235-4531
Quality Assurance Team 571-4367 256-235-4367
Vehicle & Artillery Operations 571-6937 256-235-6937
Retail Operations 571-7308/4174 256-235-7308/4174



DLA Customer Interaction Center: Provides 24/7 support to locate DoD stock items and answer logistics inquiries.